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IFRA EXPO2000 was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Hosted by IFRA, IFRA EXPO2000 was held at the International Exhibition/Conference Center from October 9 to Oct. 12, 2000 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. A total of 324 producers of newspaper related products exhibited and 11,000 people attended during the four days.
The IFRA exhibit is similar to Japan's JANPS (newspaper production show) and is held every year with exhibits of printing presses and peripheral equipment, and related computer equipment and software.
This year TKS proudly introduced its latest technology centering on the most recent Color Top series, the Color Top 7000CD, plus the 3100CMUD with features such as the shaftless drive construction whereby plates can be changed with the same tower unit and immediately get into synchronous operation--in other words, a flying plate change.