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Opening of The Japan Newspaper Museum (Newspark) in Yokohama

The Japan Newspaper Museum (nicknamed "Newspark") was established in Yokohama, the birthplace of Japan's first daily newspaper. With the underlying theme, "If it has to do with newspapers, we have the answers", the museum had its opening ceremony on Oct. 12th, 2000.
The Japan Newspaper Museum occupies the 2nd to the 5th floors of the Yokohama Information and Culture Center (Nihon Ohdori, Naka-ku) which translates to about 5,200 square meters. The facility introduces the historical background of the various aspects of a newspaper such as reporting, editing, sales, culture and sports up to the present workings of a newspaper using actual equipment, images and simulation devices. On the first floor lobby of the building, our TKS model VBW Rotary Offset Press is exhibited as a symbolic monument. It is set up so that the web path can be followed.
On the second floor is a projects display area and a Newspark theater that presents and displays in a multi-faceted way, the history and present-day status of newspapers and journalism such as through an "Extras Exhibit" and "Overseas Journalism Exhibit" and projecting on the screen newspaper’s past, present and future--aspects which cannot be captured by a permanent, fixed exhibit.
On the third "History Zone" floor, one can walk in Japan's newspaper footpath as it displays through six chronological periods, starting from the latter part of the Edo era (around the 1860's)to the present day.
It describes in an easy-to-understand way the transition to computers for newspaper production, and actually displays a Marinoni model rotary press, manufactured during the end of the Taisho Era (1920's), and also a linotype machine, a phototypesetter, and other printing related equipment. Further, on the same floor, is a newspaper production workshop and a national center for NIE (Newspapers in Education) to support use of newspapers in the classroom.
The fourth floor houses a free, public newspaper library that collects and stores daily newspapers (from the first publication to the most recent) of members of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association on such formats as microfilm and CD-ROMs. Additionally, the fifth floor "Present Zone" introduces the various activities of a newspaper such as reporting, advertising, production, sales, as well as the cultural and sports aspects, plus the responsibilities and functions of the people that actually work in such an environment. Ever since its opening on the 13th of October, 2000 there have been many visitors to Newspark.
(Photos supplied by the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association)
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