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The IFRA Exhibition/Conference was held at Pal Expo in Geneva, Switzerland from October 15 to October 18, 2001.
TKS welcome the new IFRA Chairman, Mr. Murdoch MacLennan, as he started his career guiding IFRA and assisting the newspapers of the world.
TKS had detail technical presentation of their Digital Ink Pump, Shell Cylinder and Super Registration Device. The detail analyses of high quality reproduction were shown to visitors of the booth. Semi commercial work performed by Shizouka of Japan was on display showing examples of the commercial capability of TKS presses. The enhanced sales of Color Top 7000CD and Color Top 8200CD were displayed in the presentation area on panels.
Newest technology of shaftless presses, Color Top 7000CD, was explained and detailed. The interfacing of the Shaftless Drive System with the computer controllers located on the press were shown to visitors at the booth. This interconnection network of communication to follow the operation of the shaftless presses and report their performance to pressroom personnel.