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JGAS 2001
JGAS2001 and JANPS2001 Exhibitions

Under the theme, "The 21st Century; Printing is Going to Change", JGAS 2001 was held for five days from October 16th to the 20th at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center in Koto ward, Tokyo.
At this show, TKS exhibited two new products: the single-width, single-circumference tower offset press, the Color Top 3100CMUD, and the Vertical Stack Bundler, VOS-100. Mixed printing of coated paper and newsprint was carried out with speeds up to a maximum of 850 rpm (51,000 cph).
At the same Tokyo International Exhibition Center, for four days, from November 13 to 16, the 16th Japan Newspaper Production Show (JANPS 2001) was held. At the TKS booth, besides our Color Top 3100CMUD, there was on display the Color Top 7000CD printing unit, the vertical type Stack Bundler VOS-100, the Paper Strap Banding Machine BM-350, the Spray Dampener TSD-2000, the image area inspector Inspector-300, and live demonstrations of our Color Top 3100CMUD, the VOS-100 and the BM-350.
Also, in the same booth, we had demonstrations of our subsidiary company Toki Electronic's newspaper production system, SYSTEM-2000. During the JANPS2001 exhibit, the first prize for the Exhibitors' Award was given to TKS by the Japan Newspaper Editors and Publishers Association.
Brief Description of Exhibited Products
Single-Width Single-Circumference Shaftless Tower Web Offset Press, Color Top 3100CMUD
This is a tower type commercial web offset press printing at a maximum speed of 850 rpm for high production runs. Compared to horizontal B-B units, big space savings of about half is realized with tower units. With the use of narrow gaps for the plate and blanket cylinders, vibration is held to a minimum assuring stable and high quality printing. Furthermore, maintenance is made simpler due to less parts, and with the unit drive shaftless system and layout of the reelstands, press units and folders can be arranged to suit the building and convenience of the operators.
Double-Width Double-Circumference Shaftless Tower Web Offset Press, Color Top 7000CD
This is an ultra high speed shaftless web offset press printing at a maximum speed of 85,000 cph.
For this exhibit, one couple drive tower unit capable of printing 4 over 4 colors was displayed.
Shell cylinders were incorporated for levels 1 to 3 and the 4th level used a standard straight cylinder. With a high precision cylinder bearing, stable printing at high speeds is guaranteed and the automatic register control system is in full operation at 85,000 cph with the use of TKS' shell cylinder and Super Register Device (SRD). Excellent printing quality is constantly maintained from low to high speeds using TKS' Digital Ink Pump (DIP) inking system, and TKS' 3-roller spray dampening system.
Vertical Stack Bundler, VOS-100
As a manpower-saving and automated equipment for processing of printed material in the ever rising speeds of commercial offset printing, the VOS-100 makes clean bundles of such products as books and flyers, which may range from thin to thick papers and small to large number of pages, all the while being synchronous with the ultra fast printing speed. Further, by setting the small bundle and large bundle bundling device from its previous horizontal position to vertical position, printed products are precisely and speedily stacked in printed sequence. Because of its vertical position, compared to previously, footprint is reduced by 20% with ample spacing for maintenance.
Paper Band Banding Machine, BM-350
An automatic Banding Machine that straps bands in cross or double cross the stacked bundles of newspapers coming from the Stack Conveyor. Instead of the standard polypropylene band, paper bands are used in consideration of environmental concerns. Using sequencers, the temperature for the adhesive heater is automatically controlled by monitoring the bundle flow condition.
TKS Spray Dampening System, TSD-2000
Uses high precision and reliable parts to handle printing speeds of 85,000 cph. Maintenance is simple and easy. As the TSD-2000 is lightweight, the dampener can be mounted or demounted with one touch and the surface is treated so that ink contamination is minimal. The central operation panel at the folder, which uses a crystal graphic touch screen, enhances easy operation. The TSD-2000 can be connected to a highly expandable control system where T-NPC and AIC can easily intercommunicate.
Web Surface Inspecting System, INSPECTOR-300
Because a high speed image processing CPU is located in the sensor head there is no need for a separate control panel thus saving space, and even at a high speed of 85,000 cph, four colors are fully and precisely inspected over the running web. Even for yellow ink, spitting and contamination, which was thought to be very difficult to detect, can be accurately detected and automatically ejected.
Newspaper Production System, System-2000
This is an editorial system specifically for newspapers taking into consideration various types of newspaper composing in which editorial content and images are integrated into one control system. The Shade/Pattern Headline System handles color and can integrates output devices such as CTPs, plotters, imagesetters, etc..
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