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NEXPO 2002

NAA had their annual exhibit in Orlando, FL this year from June 22 to 25 at the Orange Country Convention Center.
The show saw a smaller area of exhibitors for the newspapers to visit. The floor was busy with activity. TKS demonstrated their new spray bar (TSD-2000) with lighter construction and ability to remove nozzles from the bar without removing the bar from the location on the press. Demonstrating the easier and quicker way to perform maintenance by pressroom personnel on spray bars.
Announcement of TKS group coming together to offer an array of products for the newspaper industry from Roll Handling, through the press and into the Mailroom for complete computer integration by TOPS (TKS Operational Production System). The three major companies of TKS group are TKS, KKS and TKE.
With the entire TKS Group working together (TKS manufacturing high quality offset printing presses, TKE offering computer controls and press auxiliary equipment and KKS offering Roll Handling and additional Mailroom products) we are able to offer a full line of products to the newspaper market.
Presentation of TKS’s new press console was exhibited for ease of operator usage and ability to use mouse, keys, touch screen and touch panel to preset, monitor and adjust the press during production. The system using Windows 2000 with SQL database for history and report information.