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  Latest Models for Newspaper Mailroom
Wrapping/Banding Machine, PB-300
The PB-300 combines an automatic wrapping section that sufficiently compresses the newspaper bundles delivered from the counter stacker via the stacker conveyor and wraps them with polyethylene film and an automatic strapping section that straps polypropylene bands in cross or double cross (two across one) patterns. There is savings in floor space of 30% as compared to having separate wrapping and strapping machines (comparison with TKS products).
The newspaper bundles being conveyed are automatically carried into the Wrapping/Banding Machine without changing their orientation. It is a system developed by TKS. The System is for lengthwise entry. By changing parts on the banding machine, it can be changed from polypropylene to paper band specification.
By using a lower and upper level conveyor system, polyethylene film consumption has been reduced by 10% (comparison with TKS products) and the bundle shape has improved. It has also enabled high speed processing of random small and large bundles. With the centralized operation panel, switchover of wrapping method (four sides or six sides) and strapping pattern (cross or double cross [two across one]) can be done simply by touching the screen. Furthermore, with the optional length conveyor between the wrapping section and strapping section the system can be configured to the convenience of the user. In this way, the PB-300 incorporates the latest functional technology.
Paper Band Banding Machine, BM-350 Top Sheet Supply Device, WS-220
The Paper Band Banding Machine, BM-350 is a strapping machine specifically developed for paper band specification. It is a system that takes bare newspaper bundles that are delivered from the stacker conveyor and automatically straps paper band in cross or double cross patterns (two across one) without disfiguring the bundle shape. The big difference is the use of paper band instead of strapping with the normal polypropylene band due to environmental concerns.
Durability has been heightened through the use of a heat adhesion system for bonding the paper band. Sequencers automatically control the temperature of the heaters in the adhesion device in accordance with the flow of the newspaper bundles. With the centralized operation panel, switchover of strapping pattern (cross or double cross [two across one]) can be done by simply touching the large graphic screen. Further, through the use of centralized operations ease of handling has also been improved by displaying the screens used for maintenance of such items as the motors, cylinders and detectors on the graphic panel.
There is a spare paper band roll at each strapping section, and with an automatic paper band switchover device it can automatically switch over to the new roll when the present roll runs out. The system snugly tightens the newspaper bundle and straps it, and for small bundles it has a protective mechanism so that it does not tighten the bundle too much.
The first BM-350 has been installed and running at the Shinano Mainichi Newspaper's Nagano Production Center.
Like the Paper Band Banding Machine, BM-350, the Top Sheet Supply Device, WS-220, was developed along environmental considerations.
The WS-220 is a device that automatically places a kraft sheet on top of the newspaper bundle--after it had been delivered from the counter stacker and an underlay supply device had placed a kraft sheet at the bottom--thus preventing soilage or damage to the newspaper bundle during its delivery.
By combining with the Underlay Supply Device the newspaper bundle is protected with kraft sheets on the top and bottom, and with a Paper Band Banding Machine, BM-350, it is possible to totally wrap and strap with paper instead of polyethylene film and polypropylene band.
The system can supply 30 sheets per minute and has a new, added capability of preventing slippage of the top sheet during delivery and preventing curling during strapping.
The first WS-220 in combination with the BM-350 has also been installed at the Shinano Mainichi Newspaper's Nagano Production Center.
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