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Establishing a Commercial Offset Service Center
While we have a strong image associating Tokyo Kikai with newspaper rotary presses, we are not as well known as we should be in commercial rotary presses despite our track record, so that when we have a new product announcement we hear comments like, “we think it’s a good machine, but what about the backup service?” from our customers.

At present there are approximately 1700 commercial rotary printing units in operation in Japan and almost all of them are running 24 hours making after service care a very important factor. In order to further enhance our after service support and to dispel doubts by the customers, on July 1, 2003, we established a “Commercial Offset Service Center” in our Tamagawa manufacuturing plant as part of the commercial rotary press service section. Services are being provided on a daily basis such as after-service care and machinery diagnoses through inter-office coordination with our sales offices in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo.

The policy of the Commercial Offset Service Center is in line with Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd.’s ISO9001, year 2000 quality guideline, “To provide good products that can be utilized with certainty and which satisfies the needs of the customers”. The main activities are not confined to just after care service, but to constantly sound out what the customers are looking for through the interaction with our marketing (sales), design (technical & electrical), production and quality control departments. The actual activities consist of: 1. Verifying mechanical functions and quality of printing press and folder, 2. Fine-tuning the printing unit, folder, reel stand and the overall operational aspects, 3. Printing tests done in-house, 4. Handing over of machinery, and 5. After-service care for equipment delivered.

To further complement the above activities, the Commercial Offset Service Center makes the necessary preparations for its service activities and collects data and information from other industry-related companies which are then disseminated to the pertinent departments for the purpose of improving productivity of our machines. The Commercial Offset Service Center is operated by eight people and has installed three sets of commercial web offset presses since it opened its services. The first 546 X 880mm (21 1/2” X 34 1/2”) press went to Takanaga Co., Ltd. in Kobe, and the second went to Nozawa Printing Co., Ltd. in Mito. The 769.7 X 1085mm (30.3” X 42.7”) press was delivered to Sanko Printing Co., Ltd., Narashino Factory. All of the presses are presently running smoothly. With the support of our customers, our sales staff and the whole company as one entity is exerting its best effort. The members of the Commercial Web Offset Service Center are specialists for commercial web offset printing and will make presentations of our equipment to our customers to instill the trust and reliability of our products and company.
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