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drupa 2004 Exhibition Information

Running of First Domestic 6 X 2 Web Offset Press

We, TKS, will be presenting live demonstrations by actually printing on paper our newly developed--and Japan’s first--6 X 2 tower type, shaftless web offset press for the U.S. and European newspaper market, linked together with our Counter Stacker CS-510 at drupa 2004 in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 6th to May 19th, 2004.

Also on actual display will be our 546mm (21-1/2”) X 880mm (35”) shaftless web offset press, the HB-5000ED along with our web surface inspecting system, the Inspector-300R from Toki Electronics, a subsidiary of TKS.

The 6 X 2 press is a press with a plate cylinder that is six pages wide (across) and two pages around and along with a blanket cylinder, can produce 1.5 times the number of pages as our best selling 4 X 2 (four pages wide by 2 pages around) web offset press thus reducing the number of units required to print large products and also with less footprint. There are other, further savings aside from initial cost such as less installation space, lower running cost because there are less pasters and thus less waste, less power consumption and lower maintenance cost.

In addition, as compared to other manufacturers’ 6 X 2 presses which are satellite type multi-color units with one stacked on the other, our press is a blanket-to-blanket type stacked in tower style, thus web path is shorter making it easier to web the press, and the non-stagger straight-through groove on the plate cylinder makes it easy to plate up. As in our 4 X 2 web offset press we have incorporated such features as our Super Register Device (SRD) to prevent fan-out, couple drive system to allow plating the plate cylinder and changing the blankets on the blanket cylinder individually by cylinder. With an actual maximum printing speed of 90,000 cph the 6 X 2 press not only increases page capacity but also provides high productivity.

Main Features of the 6 X 2 Newspaper Web Offset Press for the U.S.and Europe
Cutoff : 21” (533.4mm)
Paper roll width : Max. 75” (1905mm)
Plate size : 1W X 1L and 2W X 1L
Inking system : High Speed DIP or open fountain
Dampening system : Spray dampener
Folder : 2:5:5 jaw folder
Max. printing speed : 90,000 cph (nominal)
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