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Tower Type Hybrid Shaftless Web Offset Press
TKS is proud to present the tower type hybrid shaftless web offset press that can do both commercial printing and newspaper printing. This press configuration consists of the following:
- 2 tower units of the newly developed single width (546mm/21 1/2” X 880mm/34 1/2”) commercial web offset press, the Color Top 3500CMUD
- 1 tower unit of our popular double width newspaper web offset press, the Color Top 7000CDH
- 2 sets of 2:2:2 jaw folder for commercial printing
- 1 set of double web path dryer
- 2 sets of single width, 2-arm reelstands
- 1 set of 3-arm reelstand.

By drawing on the advantages of a tower press and a shaftless drive system, space savings can be realized because the combined hybrid press, made up as above of two tower units of the single width commercial web offset press, the Color Top 3500CMUD, and one tower unit of the double width newspaper web offset press, the Color Top 7000CDH, can be fitted into an area equivalent to one unit of a 20 meter horizontal-type single width (546mm/21 1/2” X 880mm/34 1/2”) commercial press. Within this area, this new press arrangement makes it possible to print color on both sides of three webs while also printing newspapers and print on a mixture of coated paper to newspaper grade paper thus contributing greatly to expanding and improving productivity.

Where printing one web horizontally through the press is the norm in commercial printing, the H-type, tower web offset Color Top 3500CMUD press, incorporating a unit drive system and shaftless technology, was developed with the concept of optimum use of space. Compared to the old system of mechanically driving the printing units through shaft connections, this shaftless system, without any main and vertical shafts, utilizes individual motors (Eco Drive Motor) at each level of each unit and at each folder, and drives them through electronically controlled synchronization. Controlling all this is the Super Drive System (synchronous position control system). The large-scale reductions achieved by the elimination of shafts, gears, clutches, and bearings has resulted in improved transmission efficiency and the use of regenerative drive systems has resulted in savings in energy costs. A high level of registration precision is provided by the very precise synchronous controller from low speeds to high speeds.

Another feature is in the use of vertical space for installation. Normally, when using heat-set inks in commercial printing, the paper web goes directly into the dryer after printing. In the Color Top 3500CMUD, an air turning device is used so that the web can be turned immediately after printing making it possible to place the printing units and the two folding units over the reelstands with the dryer sitting on the very top, thus space is optimally utilized and footprint is reduced. In addition to the foregoing, the TKS CT 3500CMUD is built with the following three features to ensure sharp dots and beautiful solids: 1) Utilizes the roller arrangement of our latest horizontal type press, the HB-5000ED; 2) All the plate cylinders, blanket cylinders, inking systems, fountain rollers, and water fountain rollers are each driven by independent motors; and 3) Utilizes continuous dampening water system. Oscillating water form rollers are used to prevent hickeys and the first and third ink form rollers oscillate to prevent ghosting. Providing a bridging function for the rider roller minimizes ink buildup. The general specifications of the Color Top 3500CMUD are as follows:
* Maximum speed of 850 rpm
* Maximum paper width of 880mm
* Plate cylinder circumference of 546mm (blanket cyl. is double)
* Paper quality from newsprint, woody paper, ordinary grade paper, wood free paper, un-coated paper to coated paper (40 ~ 110g/m2 )

The Color Top 7000CDH is a couple drive, shaftless, H-type tower web offset press with independent drives for the printing cylinders (plate and blanket cylinders) which are synchronously linked through the Super Drive System. Other features include automatic register compensators, the Super Register Device and the Shell Cylinder System. Furthermore, with the use of high-performance cylinder bearings, top quality printed products at high speeds are promised.

The 2:2:2 jaw folder for commercial printing is a high speed folding unit that complements the technical superiority of the HB-5000ED. It assuredly maintains fold accuracy from low speeds to high speeds making it possible to print at high speeds newspapers ranging from two pages (four pages in tabloid) to 16 pages (32 pages in tabloid) . Devices for on-the-fly lap adjustment and fan phase adjustment come equipped as standard features. This hybrid combination press incorporates two folding units, so that each unit can print at any time and at any speed or print different grades of paper at the same time and combine them as one product.
Typical Product Ranges


Newspaper – 2 pages, tabloid - 4 pages, double delivery, 1/2 roll (newsprint or coated paper)
* Newspaper – 4 pages, tabloid – 8 pages, double delivery, 1/2 roll (coated paper)
* Newspaper – 4 pages, tabloid – 8 pages, double delivery, full roll (newsprint)
* Newspaper – 6 pages single delivery , 3/4 roll, (newsprint)
* Tabloid – 12 pages double delivery, 1/2 roll (newsprint), full roll (newsprint)
* Newspaper – 8 pages, tabloid – 16 pages, double delivery , 1/2 roll (coated paper or newsprint), full roll (newsprint)
* Newspaper – 12 pages, tabloid – 24 pages, 1/2 roll (coated paper or newsprint),full roll (newsprint)
* Newspaper – 16 pages, tabloid – 32 pages, 1/2 roll (coated paper or newsprint),full roll (newsprint)
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