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drupa 2004 – Outstanding Success

Operation and demonstration of TKS Color Top 9000CDH was marked with success. TKS gave live demonstrations of a Blanket to Blanket, 6x2 triple wide Tower Unit. The demonstrations were planned for a minimum of three presentations a day. Each running of the press was observed by a large group of drupa 2004 attendees.

The operation of the press followed syncing of the press at walk. Proceeding to a speed to initiate impression, ink and dampener forms on. The images started appearing on the web. The press operator increased the press to maximum speed of 90,000 CPH with one touch panel selection and delivered to the TKS CS500 Counter Stacker. The papers were then handed out to attendees that watched the demonstration.

After the press demonstrations newspapers and printing companies were invited to review the straight across plate lockup, the smaller gap blanket lockup and TKS’ SRD on the CT9000 CDH unit. The proprietary design and patent of TKS’ SRD gives the full control over fan-out and allows TKS to operate a triple wide press format without the use of a common impression cylinder (CIC – Satellite style).

At actual printing sites, the straight and quicker path through the Tower Unit for webs allows for modifications when changing web widths within production to minimal time. Maintenance ease of removing nozzles off the spray bars within the Tower Unit without removal of spray bar physical mounting decreases the maintenance time on spray bar maintenance.

drupa 2004 was over with much bigger success for TKS. Almost triple number of customers from all over the world, compared to drupa 2000, visited TKS stand for their evaluation of quality of the printing press and discuss their planned projects

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