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First Showing to Customers, Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Master HB-5000ED

There have been much interest generated since the announcement in May of 2003 of our 546mm X 880mm (21 1/2” X 34 1/2”) shaftless web offset press, the Color Master HB-5000ED. In response to requests by our many customers “to see the actual press in a production run environment” TKS, with the cooperation of Nozawa Printing Co., Ltd., held, for the first time, a special exhibition for our customers on May 28th, 2004 using a hotel in Mito City and Nozawa’s printing site.

The exhibition drew a crowd of about 100 guests, where, after a technical presentation at the hotel, live production run was witnessed at the printing plant. The printing ran at a high top speed of 800 rpm and, as the quests were looking at products of various signatures being printed, samples were handed out to them as they came off the press.

For the HB-5000ED, TKS has taken the shaftless drive technology that has a proven track record in our newspaper presses and developed it to be able to respond to the exacting precision and quality requirements in commercial web offset printing. With the use of shaftless drive technology, it is possible to drive each of the printing units and the folding unit independently which greatly aids in reducing makeready time, paper waste and running cost and facilitates maintenance. It also provides flexibility in press layout and improves the work environment. By capitalizing on these features, it is possible to achieve greater efficiency in the pressroom by simplifying plate changing operations and drastically reducing time-consuming operations. The 800 rpm HB-5000ED is a commercial web offset press that has a wide range of applications from printing small jobs to big jobs and from flyers (leaflets) to high quality catalogs.
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