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TKS Tower Press in China

TKS was awarded a newspaper press contract from Henan Daily, Henan Province in the central part of China. This is the first tower press from TKS to the Chinese newspaper market.

Henan Daily has a circulation of 1,100,000 copies per day. The TKS press is the beginning of their newspaper production initiative to higher quality and more color. The CT7000 CDH press consists of two 4 x 4, two 1 x 1 Color Top units, a 2:3:3 Jaw Folder, a 2:2 Rotary Folder and four three-arm reel stands. The press is capable of producing 32 pages with 16 pages in full color. The TKS press will be used in the production of Henan Daily and Dahebao newspapers. Production start is slated for October, 2005

For sales support and continued marketing research of the Chinese newspaper market, TKS is opening an office in Bejing, China. This is an ongoing expansion of TKS’ local support offices in its growing customer base.