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Purchased Web Offset Division of Hamada Printing Machinery Corp. and established new company, Iga Machinery Co., Ltd., and started sales and marketing
Our company purchased the web offset division of Hamada Printing Machinery Corporation, followed by establishment of a 100%-financed subsidiary company, Iga Machinery Co., Ltd., and started business operations on November 1, 2004.

With this purchase, everything from the design engineering, manufacturing, sales, intellectual property, technical information, know-how including the old Ueno factory, the building, facilities, all equipment and personnel related to manufacturing web offset presses have been fully switched over to Iga Machinery.

As a result, The Tokyo Kikai Group is in control of a wide range of capabilities for offering a rich menu of products from newspaper web offset presses to commercial web offset presses. It has given TKS a stronger service base in Western Japan while allowing to provide products that match the needs of the users and, at the same time, alleviating risk from possible natural calamities and increasing productivity.
* Iga Machinery Overview
Main Operations : Producing and selling web printing presses and peripheral equipment
Main Office : 98 Sanagu-cho, Iga City, Mie, Japan 518-0001
TEL: +81-595-23-3151
Space :

Land area



Total Factory Floor Space   30,000m


Management : Nobuaki Nagao, President & CEO
Capital : ¥50,000,000
Osaka Sales Office : Hamada Bldg. 3F
2-15-28 Mitejima, Nishiyodogawa-ku
Osaka, Japan 555-0012
TEL: +81-6-6472-6035
Tokyo Office : Tokyo Kikai Head Office Bldg. 1F
26-24 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0014
TEL: +81-3-5441-5391
Product Information

This press boasts heightened printing quality with stable tension through high-precision shaftless technology, and superior operational characteristics. It is a four-page wide by two-page around (4 X 2), H-type tower web offset press with a maximum speed of 75,000 cph. Because it is a shaftless drive system its flexibility is not only ideal for installations in new printing plants, but also for add-ons at existing plants even where space is tight.

The compact design New Crowner press has blanket and plate cylinders that are two-page wide by two-page around (2 X 2) and with the high-precision shaftless drive technology, high quality printing is realized at speeds of up to 75,000 cph. Due to the compact size of the press it is easy to operate and change plates and its flexibility to handle a wide variety of printing jobs is highly evaluated as can be attested by the 10 presses that have already been delivered and installed in China.

Commercial Web Offset Press
“440mm (17.32”) X 546mm (21.5”) Urban Web BM440”

This a versatile, small-lot web offset press with a compact design that takes up minimal space. It is low in noise, low in energy cost, is geared for digital processing (CIP3) for high quality printing and is less demanding on operators. This is a highly efficient machine that meets the criteria for various needs. The printing speed is 30,000 cph and can be integrated to produce by sheet, fold or bundle.

Besides its potential for lower cost, for ease of maintenance, and for safety it has the capability of improving printing precision and further lowering printing sound level. Further, with the shaftless drive system, plates can be changed independently and operation time cut down. With the CIP3 compliance and the use of a punch system, waste is significantly reduced.
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