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  - New Product Introduction –
Showing in Chukyo District of Shaftless Web Offset Press, Colormaster HB5000EDR

With the cooperation of Meirin Company, Ltd., a  live demonstration of the 546 X 880mm (21 1/2” X 34 1/2”) shaftless web offset press, the Colormaster HB-5000EDR was conducted for the Chukyo area users on September 2, 2005 at the company’s Daian printing plant in Mie prefecture.  About 80 people from various printing companies attended. 

Prior to visiting the printing  site, an orientation session was held at a hotel in Nagoya city where the president of TKS, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba, described about how, “since its introductory announcement two years ago, there are now in operation 15 sets of the HB-5000 series which will be demonstrated today”. Furthermore, looking into the coming year, besides the 546 X 880mm (21 1/2” X 34 1/2”) size machines, TKS has already received orders for about 30 sets of the newer models such as in sizes of 625 X 980 (24 1/2” X 38 1/2”), 880 X 1250mm (34 1/2” X 49”), 767 X 1085mm (30” X 42 1/2”), including, also, tower style commercial web offset presses.  With shaftless drive systems at its core, innovative technology has been adapted into the new model presentations.  Thorough and comprehensive improvements has constantly been incorporated into TKS products.  This showing is a result of these efforts. 

TKS, up till now, has concentrated its sales efforts around newspaper web offset presses, but now in the area of commercial printing, it is likewise establishing a full-scale sales organization with which it plans to further strengthen its position”.

Following the technical description, the venue was  moved from the hotel to the printing plant where actual printing runs were conducted.  Printing speed was ramped up to 800 rpm with actual demonstrations of printing different fold sections of 16 pages in B5 (7” X 9 3/4”) size and long fold in B3 (14” X 19 3/4”) size and printed samples were given out as they came off press.  The visitors were able to confirm the color registration and folding accuracy and intently watched the printing operations such as changeover to B3 size fold section and plate-changing in 15 minutes. 

Ever since its first introduction in 2003, the HB-5000 series of commercial web offset presses, which has been developed utilizing the proven technology of the TKS web offset press shaftless drive system, has become the core product in its commercial web offset press lineup.  Because of space restraints in the plant, the HB-5000EDR that was being demonstrated was configured in an opposite orientation.  The press layout is as follows  from right to left looking at the operation side:  Reelstand unit, infeed units, four printing units, dryer, cooling units, and two folding units.  This has been made possible by the adaption of shaftless drive technology that does away with connecting shafts.

In the shaftless drive mechanism there are independent motors for each of the printing and folding units which are synchronized by electrical controls.   Controlling this is the Super Drive System (synchronized position control system) and because shafts, gears, clutches and bearings have been drastically reduced, there is much improvement in mechanical (power) efficiency, and through regenerative braking, electrical consumption is reduced.   With highly accurate synchronization tracking from slow speed to high speed, high quality printing is possible.   As each unit is independently driven, plating and ink cleaning can be done at different units at the same time cutting make ready time and making maintenance easy.  The HB-5000EDR, through the use of shaftless drive technology, is a commercial web offset press that not only makes it possible to maintain high productivity but also allows small-lot printing.

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