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Decision made on Tamagawa Factory moving to Kazusa Academia Park.

 Due to the re-development of the environment around the Tamagawa factory near the Toyoko-line, TKS decided to move the factory to “Kazusa Academia Park” stretched in Kisarazu and Kimitsu cities of Chiba Prefecture. The decision was made for the environmental changes  around the factory. The sanction for the new site was given by the Prefecture of Chiba on March 28, 2007 and its contract was signed at the governor’s office on the same day at 2:30.

 TKS’s main new production plant, “TKS Kazusa Techno Center”, will take over Tamagawa factory’s manufacturing function including the R & D and production of large offset press. Construction will start on October 1, 2007 and will be completed in the end of 2008. The new plant operation is expected to start in April of 2009. The plant space is 67,634 square meters (16.7 acres); about two times the size of Tamagawa factory. The new site will include buildings for different departments such as R & D, Press Production & Installation, Heat Treating, and about 35% of the space will be used to plant trees for environmental and friendly plant.

 Stretched over 278 ha (687 acres) of land in a rich natural environment, the Kazusa Academia Park was established mainly as an R & D base for high-tech industrial fields. It also holds facilities used for research exchange such as international & academic meetings / seminars and for local culture activities. The Kazusa Academia Park is an ideal scientific park with a good balance between people, technology, and nature.

 Preceding the construction of TKS Kazusa Techno Center, TKS’s Iga-plant in Mie-Prefecture has started its renewal construction from June of this year for the institute development. Along with the new Kazusa Techno Center, these two plants in the east and west are going to be the two main institutes for the R & D, production, and service systems.