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Exhibited at Print Expo 2007 in Beijing

The PRINT Expo 2007 (The 4th International New Printing Technology Exhibition in China) was held at Beijing City in China from June 12th to 16th 2007.  About 500 companies in and out of China were present with about 100,000 people attending from all over the world.  The Expo is the biggest show inland China for the general printing materials.  Expo was not only for the pre-press or bookbinding machines, but for the special printing like gravure, seal and label printing.  A great many items of printing materials were exhibited.

TKS showed the commercial printing presses mainly, like the Color Master (HB-5000ED) and ColorTop (3500 CMUD, etc.) by panels and videos.  TKS introduced also the tower presses and ColorTop series for newspapers in China.  During the exhibit many customers of printing and newspaper companies visited TKS booth.  People came not only from Beijing but also from Shanghai and other cities which shows the Chinese interest in TKS products.

Before the exhibition, we started the TKS Press User’s Association in China on June 11th, 2007 and had its opening ceremony.  85 people from 34 users in China attended the party where the HB-5000ED presentation was made including the introduction of TKS.  After the ceremony there was a party with a comfortable atmosphere for all to have communication exchange over needs of printing in China.

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