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First Berliner Press "Color Top Ecoprius (7100UDH)" started live production in Asia

TKS has developed a new Berliner Offset Press for the press production product line. “Color Top Ecoprius (7100 UDH) is the new member in the Color Top Series of TKS product. This press operates on the smaller format size production of broadsheet and tabloid newspaper sizes. The first press started in live production at JoongAng Ilbow, Ansan plant (Ansan City, Korea) on January 3, 2008 as the first Berliner style press in Asia.

Special production capabilities of this press is the compact plate size 470 mm (18.5”) x 315 mm (12.4”) (for production size of Europe and United States) compared to the normal broadsheet size of 546 mm (21.5”) x 406.5 mm (16”) of Japan and Korea. The production pluses are the lower cost of printing materials: plates, blankets, ink and dampening water usage. Additional savings are smaller needs for warehouse storage usage, lower transportation of newsprint to plant and electrical power utilization.

The smaller size of the newspaper allows for easier control by the readers especially on crowded trains while going to work or the office. To complete the requirements of the Newspaper market, TKS has developed this new style of Offset Press from November 2006 and confirms the maximum production speed of 90.000 CPH (Copies Per Hour). Initial testing and verification was completed at TKS factory with high printing quality, precise folding, easy production operation of the press, consistent specifications, safety requirements satisfaction and efficient usage of power.

The first Berliner press was planned originally to meet with the Korean characters and the plate size was decided as 470 mm x 323 mm. Description of the press is as follows: Cutoff 470 mm and Web Width of 1292 mm. H-type Tower Units, Solid Plate Cylinder with straight across plate lock up and these specifications allow the press to obtain precise register as a double width press with shell cylinder.

For narrow web width, the new Open Fountain (8 columns per page) is used for precise printing quality and new design spray bar dampener (8 nozzles per side of web) are equipped in the press. The new spray bar design was completed by Tohki Electronics Co., Ltd (TSD-2000 SV) a TKS Group Company.

The column zones and half page zones (of the spray bars) are giving the operator more exact and precise control to maximize color and reproduction.

At the rail frame side (Roller Front of Bar) section, the guide roller diameter allows for constant and steady web tension. The 2:5:5 Jaw folder enables the steady and precise folding quality for the low to high speed transition and the small to large page count productions.

Thinking about the best route for the steady running the web from the former board to the folding cylinder, the double 2:5:5 Jaw Folders were selected with a unique stacked folder design. This stack folder design can produce at a maximum speed of 90,000 CPH and deliver papers out of the Folders at this speed in Double Delivery format. The new conveyor carriers for these stacked folders were developed by KKS (another TKS Group Company) and delivered to the newspaper customer.

First of the two presses for Ansan plant with full 4 over 4 colors on all units are in the configuration of six (6) Tower Units, stacked 2:5:5 Jaw Folders, six (6) RTPs and production running 90,000 CPH maximum speed for 48 page full color printing. The second press has started live production at the Ansan plant in April of 2008. Four more presses of the same design will start in April of 2009. Two of the presses will be at Kangnam (Seoul City) and Busan (Busan City) printing plants.
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