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Iga Techno Center completed

TKS announced that the Iga Plant, located in Sanagu-cho, Iga City of Mie Prefecture has completed its’ facility upgrade work and has been renamed as Iga Techno Center. 
On the morning of May 5th, 2008 TKS Chairman Mr.K.Shiba, TKS President Mr.N.Shiba, and construction related people attended a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the upgrade work followed by a tour of the plant. Later in the afternoon, a  celebration party was held at the Ueno Frex Hotel in the city along with the city mayor and other government officials.
The new Techno Center has a total of 10,867 m2 building area on a 25,495 m2 of land. It consists of four machine and two assembly buildings, and other facilities for temperature-controlled rooms and offices.
Working on a 24 hour a day operation, TKS added 23 of the latest generation of machine tools to bring the total plant capacity to 45. The plant is the strategic base for western Japan.

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