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Color Top 4200UD to be Installed in HAINAN NIPPO, China
HAINAN DAILY Building Mr. Zhong Ye Chang, President of Hainan Daily (center) and TKS Chairman, Mr. Kohei Shiba (right)
Color Top 4200UD(1CT4/4, 1F, 1R) exhibited at "All in Print China 2011"

TKS received an order for two sets of its new 2 X 2 Color Top 4200UD web offset press from HAINAN DAILY, China.

Situated in the southern most part of China on Hainan island, the Hainan Daily Company, with its flagship communist party newspaper, HAINAN DAILY, publishes six newspapers printing a total of 600,000 copies daily.  A signing ceremony was held at their head office on June 5.

The configuration of the two press lines will be identical with one press line consisting of two 4/4 Color Top towers with one folder and three reelstands (2 4/4T, 1F, 3R x 2).  The reelstand is a fixed two-arm type and the printing system is a newly developed 2 X 2, H-type single width 4-color (both sides of web) tower press with a printing speed of 80,000 copies per hour.  The folder is a 2:3:3 type with collect run capability.

This press was exhibited at "All in Print China 2011" show last November in Shanghai and live printing demonstrations were shown to the top management people of HAINAN DAILY.  The press was highly praised for the actual demonstration of running at the top speed of 80,000 cph, for the installation and startup in a very short time span and for the stable running performance.

Following this, discussions into detailed technical specifications ensued leading to an official tender and subsequent placement of an order with TKS.
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