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Japan's National Printing Bureau Orders Web Offset Press to Print Official Gazette

On July 9, 2012, TKS received an order from the Independent Administrative Agency's National Printing Bureau (NPB) for one set of rotary printing press to print their Official Gazette including equipment for automation and manpower-savings.

Japan's National Printing Bureau prints banknotes of the Bank of Japan, government securities, and the Official Gazette.  Of their seven printing plants in Japan the NPB Toranomon printing plant already have three sets of TKS's web offset presses printing their Official Gazette.

As part of the NPB project to move their Toranomon plant functions to their Takinogawa plant in Kita ward, Tokyo, TKS was awarded with an order for one set of web offset press to print NPB's Official Gazette.  The order also includes one set of automation and manpower-saving equipment. 

The facilities to be delivered this time is one set of blanket-to-blanket web offset printing press consisting of:  2 printing units, 3 folders, 2 reelstands, 2 dryers, and 2 chill roll devices.  Also included are a stacker-bundler, automatic delivery device and peripheral equipment.  The actual floor arrangement of the printing press is as follows:  1) Two sets of reelstands on the 2nd basement floor;  2) Two sets each of printing units, dryers, and superstructures, plus three sets of folders on the 1st basement floor. 

Official startup of printing is scheduled for Spring of 2014.