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JANPS 2012 Report
JETLEADER 1500 with Variable Folder  
Live Demo of Broadsheet Newspaper Printing  

The 21st Japan Newspaper Production Show 2012 (JANPS 2012) was held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 27, 2012 to November 29, 2012.

The unifying theme for this JANPS 2012 was "Read, See, and Inform with New Newspaper Technology". From this theme Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. (TKS), featured the phrase "New Newspaper Technology" in presenting our booth exhibit.

In asking ourselves what would be the best way for our visitors to see and appreciate the appeal and capability of our JETLEADER, we envisioned a variety of concepts to implement our live printing demonstrations.

Firstly, we solicited page data from our customers, The Asahi Newspaper, The Mainichi Newspaper, The Yomiuri Newspaper, The Nihon Keizai Newspaper (NIKKEI), The Sankei Newspaper, and The Nikkan Sports Newspaper, and printed ten copies of each of the six newspapers in continuous mode.

After this, the cutoff was changed to a U.S. size broadsheet newspaper and printing started in just two minutes after the continuous printing of the six Japanese newspapers. What made this feasible was the star of our booth, the "TKS Variable Folder". What is the special function of the Variable Folder?

We were first faced with the questions, "What good is a versatile variable processing capability for newspaper page data if the after processing system is limited to a single function?" This was for us a fundamental dilemma that we faced and which we were able to successfully overcome through our world's first folder capable of "any" cutoff size.

The biggest feature of the "Variable Folder" is the ability to freely adjust and produce different folded signatures in increments of one millimeter at a time between the sizes of 546mm and 813mm.

For the actual newspaper printing and other demonstrations at the exhibit site, we printed a limited variation of sizes from broadsheet to tabloid and berliner formats, however, any sizes in between the mentioned sizes, in other words, any in-between sizes in increments of a millimeter can be produced which opens up possibilities in the commercial printing field.

With the introduction of our newly developed "Variable Folder", we can not only fold a free mix of broadsheet, tabloid and berliner size newspapers, but we can also print B5 and A4 size commercial products on just this one machine!

Getting back to the JANPS exhibit, with the "Variable Folder", our JETLEADER was continuously producing American size newspapers (The Wall Street Journal) that is different from the Japanese size newspapers..

After this, TKS changed the paper roll and also changed the cutoff to 546mm for tabloid newspaper size. The Sankei Newspaper then prepared pages for the special, just- for-this-exhibit, "Sankei Express" newspaper.

The purpose of the "SANKEI EXPRESS" was to promote internship of students as part of the internship curriculum by having The Sankei Newspaper and the students to cooperate with each other to make up the newspaper.

In the actual demonstration, the students took center stage, even helping out with jobs other than page make-up, such as pushing the start-to-print button, or having five of the students hold up five newspapers each to appeal to the audience that the five successive papers being printed had each of the headlines in different colors.

In the area of application other than for newspapers, TKS demonstrated production of B5 size magazines by taking a tabloid product through a chopper as an example for commercial application. This is the versatility of the JETLEADER--the ability to print various newspaper and commercial products.
Comparing Cutoff Size of Japanese and U.S. Newspaper Students Showing Just-Printed "SANKEI EXPRESS"
Live Demo of B5 Commercial Printing  
TKS Booth Honored With "JANPS Exhibit Award"  

As the printing demonstrations progressed, the number of spectators increased, and on the last day, even before the start of the demonstration, all seats were occupied and the overflow crowd filled the aisles around the booth; an impressive finale for a successful exhibit.

Because of the tremendous activity generated by the printing demonstrations, the TKS booth was awarded a "JANPS Exhibit Award" for its inventiveness by the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association.

We were thus able to introduce to the printing world the multifarious versatility of digital printing through our variable printing capability to print newspapers, and also, in combination with the variable folder, produce commercial products. Though each demonstration lasted only 30 minutes, TKS hopes that the audience was able to get a glimpse of the vast potential of the TKS Variable Folder.
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