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Color Top 7100CD - To be Installed at Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd.

     TKS, on January 30th, 2013, received from Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd. an order for two press lines of the TKS Color Top 7100CD web offset presses to be installed at their head office printing plant.  The addition of these two new sets will bring the total to 14 sets at the head office plant and with the two sets at their Kawasaki plant and the three sets at the North Kanto CORE (Takasaki city in Gumma prefecture), Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd. will have a total of 19 lines of TKS presses.

     Each press line to be installed this time will be configured as:  3Towers 4/4, 1Tower 2/1, 1F, 4R which will be able to print 32 pages with 24 pages in color.  In conjunction with this order, TKS has also received orders for such devices as the TKS Newspaper Production Control System, the T-NPC, and the fully automated web leading system, the FWL-200.

     Production is slated to start in February of 2014 for the first set and November of the same year for the second set.