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Selling Electricity Based on Large Scale Solar Power Plant (MEGA SOLAR)

Kazusa Techno Center
Solar Battery Module Installed on Factory Bldg. Roof Factory Bldg.

In addition to the manufacturing of web offset printing machines and digital printing machines, Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. (TKS) is about to enter into a new field of enterprise.

By installing a solar battery module on the roof of the factory building that occupies the largest space at Kazusa Techno Center, TKS will embark on a service selling electricity based on its large scale solar power generation system, dubbed "MEGA SOLAR".

From quite a few years back, TKS had been looking at the much talked about renewable energy and had been making plans toward formulating an industrial-use solar power generation system.

The system, which consists of 4,550 solar panels, with a total output of 1,114.75 kW is expected to produce 1,004,600 kWh in the first year.  This translates to generation of electricity equivalent to an yearly power consumption of 280 households.  

TKS believes that this new business utilizing renewable energy will improve energy self-reliance through stable electric power supply, stem global warming by inhibiting CO2 emissions, and contribute greatly to regional revitalization.

In looking to the future, TKS, with the manufacture of the offset printing press as its core expertise, has its sights set not just on commercial power generation, but on a diversified field of new enterprises  

Commercial operation of electric power generation will commence in mid March 2013.

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