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Ceremony for JETLEADER 1500 Being Presented "Technical Development Award"
Mr. Y. Shiba, President, Addressing JETLEADER 1500 Receiving "Technical Development Award"
  From left, Mr. Y. Shiba, President; Mr. N. Shiba, Advisor; and Mr. M. Kitai, MD
    TKS received the prestigious "Technical Development Award" from the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association for the TKS JETLEADER 1500.

    The award citation read as follows: "The JETLEADER 1500 developed by TKS, has, for the first time in Japan, demonstrated live a digital printing system specifically for producing newspapers thus opening a new portal for newspaper production technology. Having an integrated line from the reelstand to the print engine and on to the folding unit featuring a variable cutoff folder with a chopper device to produce signatures ranging from tabloid to broadsheet, our industry can look forward to the contribution it will make for the future of newspaper production technology. Thus we present TKS with the 'Technical Development Award'."

    As mentioned in the award presentation, by successfully developing a variable folder for changing cutoffs between 546mm and 813mm, the potential for the JETLEADER 1500 has been greatly enhanced.

    With this "Technical Development Award" as a catalyst, TKS will further accelerate its sales activities in the domestic and foreign markets for the JETLEADER 1500.
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