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Installation of Color Top 7100CD at The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd.
The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Building TKS Color Top 6000 Now Running at San-in Chuo Shimpo

    TKS received an order for one set of its web offset press, Color Top 7100CD, in March 2013 from The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd. to be installed at their San-in Chuo Shimpo Production Center. This will be one of many, many 4 X 2 Color Top 7100CD web presses running in various sites in Japan and abroad. This press is capable of producing superb image quality through its stable high-precision registration from low speed to its high speed of 90,000 copies per hour.

    The configuration of the press set is: Two 4/4 CT towers, two 4/1 CT towers, one 1/1 CT tower, one folder and five reelstands to print 40 pages with 24 in color.

    Additional peripheral systems by TKS are featured in the package such as:

* TKS newspaper production control system, T-NPC
* Fully automatic web leading system, FWL-200
* Automatic registration control system, TRC-5000
* Printed image inspection system, INS-500
* Spray dampening system, TSD-2000SV
* TKS cutoff control system, T-CUTTER

    Start of daily production is scheduled for April 2014.
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