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Production Start of Color Top 7100CD Web Offset Press at Ehime Newspaper Co., Ltd.
The Ehime Print Center equipped with seismic isolator and emergency generator  
  President & CEO, Mr. Hideo Doi of The Ehime Newspaper
Mr. Ryutaro Shiba, Director General of TKS
  Web Offset Press, Color Top 7100CD

A startup ceremony for the Color Top 7100CD got underway on June 27th at the Printing Center of The Ehime Newspaper Co., Ltd.

From TKS, Mr. Ryutaro Shiba, Director General of the Web Offset Division and others were in attendance receiving a Letter of Appreciation from The Ehime Newspaper Co., Ltd.  The presses installed were for two sets with each set having a configuration of: 3CT4/4, 2CT1/1, 1F, 5R.   This has been in full production since July 1, 2013.   

The machine delivered this time is the widely in-use 4 x 2 high speed web offset machine, the Color Top 7100CD, which is noted for its reliable print quality and high precision run speed.

By installing a high speed web offset press, the newspaper was able to reduce from its previous 3-set lineup to just a 2-set configuration and were additionally able to increase color capacity from 16 pages to 24 pages.

With a top speed of 90,000 copies per hour (cph) and a TKS cutoff control system, the T-CUTTER, that contributes tremendously toward reduction in paper waste, the press is able to print 40 pages with 24 pages in color.

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