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TKS Receives JETLEADER 1500 Order from Hawaii Hochi
  TKS U.S.A. President Nakajima shaking hands with Hawaii Hochi President, Mr. Tagata (right)  
Hawaii Hochi Ltd. View from roof of Hawaii Hochi Ltd.

TKS formally concluded a contract with Hawaii Hochi Ltd. for an order for an inkjet digital printing system, the JETLEADER 1500.

Hawaii Hochi Ltd. publishes newspapers in the beautiful paradise islands of the state of Hawaii, U.S.A.
in Honolulu City. It is part of the SBS Group with its Shizuoka Shimbun (newspaper) and the Shizuoka Broadcasting System, Inc. at its core publishing the only Japanese language (character) newspaper in Hawaii called Hawaii Hochi, plus the English language newspaper, Hawaii Herald.

This Japanese language newspaper, Hawaii Hochi, was initiated in 1912 making it one of the most historical Japanese Kanji (alphabet) newspapers outside of Japan. Centered around the island of Oahu, it is published as an evening daily from Monday to Friday with a configuration of five to nine pages in the Japanese language and one page in English and is widely read by the Japanese living in Hawaii as well as visiting Japanese businessmen.

In addition, Hawaii Hochi is actively engaged in a wide range of publications such as community newspapers, posters, pamphlets, magazines, books, etc.

It is in keeping with this process that the "JETLEADER 1500" has been selected to complement their printing requirements. Full daily production is scheduled to start in February 2014.
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