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TKS Web Offset Press, Color Top 5100UDI, Starts Production Printing at HT Media, India
Color Top 5100UDI web offset press
Same floor reelstand

Day-to-day production run of our Color Top 5100UDI web offset press commenced on the 9th of September 2013 at the Greater Nodia plant of HT Media in India.

The configuration of the press is:  One press line consisting of 10CT4/4, 1F and 10R.  Featuring a "GEMINUS" system, it is capable of printing two different products at the same time.

The printing section is a 4 by 1, H-type tower unit running at a maximum printing speed of 80,000 copies an hour with a 2:3:3 double jaw folder and a balloon former.

The layout of the whole press is in a "right angle" arrangement in which the reelstand section and the printing section are on the same floor level.

HT Media, from the start of printing the morning paper, has been printing two different mediums at the same time, such as the 28-page "Hindustan Times" and the 2-section (18 & 12 pages) "HT City", using the "GEMINUS" system.

This is the third set of TKS printing machines running in production in India, and furthermore, the first time ever for our "GEMINUS" system which prints two products at the same time.

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