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Start-up Ceremony of JETLEADER 1500 for Delivery to Hawaii Hochi
Mr. Go Oishi, President & CEO, The Shizuoka Shimbun Mr. Haruki Masuda, President, The Shizuoka Printing Company (right)  
On the 20th of last September, a start-up ceremony was initiated at the TKS Kazusa Techno Center in Japan for the actual JETLEADER 1500 slated for delivery.

On that day TKS welcomed Mr. Oishi, President of The Shizuoka Shimbun, and Mr. Masuda, President of Shizuoka Newspaper Printing Company to view the actual printing. During Mr. Oishi's salutation, he expressed his warm feelings towards Hawaii Hochi, his trust in TKS, and the high expectations he has for the JETLEADER, which were words that had tremendous meaning for TKS. The following is an excerpt of his speech.

"We are set to install at Hawaii Hochi, Tokyo Kikai's JETLEADER 1500. Hawaii Hochi was established in 1912 and has already witnessed more than a 100 years of history. Being that my grandfather, Konosuke Oishi, was involved in its business operation, it is more the reason that, I myself, holds this newspaper in high esteem.

There is a sense of deep emotion to have the Tokyo Kikai JETLEADER 1500 installed at Hawaii Hochi and to witness today this startup ceremony. We have had a long partnership with Tokyo Kikai. After seeing this JETLEADER 1500 running at Newsweb Corporation in Chicago, we decided that we would like to have an installation.

We felt that because Hawaii Hochi has a lot of different products, the JETLEADER 1500 would be economical. There has been a decline in the number of Hawaiians of Japanese ancestry that can read Japanese, but, fortunately, we have seen a rise in contract printing work from the outside.

We would like to use this JETLEADER 1500 and feed back to Tokyo Kikai a wealth of data and problem points, so that it will lead to the development of a digital printing system that makes it possible to print tens of thousands of copies."

As we note Mr. Oishi's words above, in order to live up to the expectations entrusted upon our company, we shall reinvest our full endeavors towards an even higher level of improvement in productivity and quality.
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