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"JETLEADER 1500 Used for Making Hand Flip Cartoon Animation"


   Have you heard of "TEKKEN"?  It is the name of a Japanese comedian.  He has been in the spotlight through the hand flip cartoon animation, "PARA PARA MANGA", and also getting good vibes from overseas so that we tend to rate his performance to be beyond the realm of comedy.

   So, what is TEKKEN doing on a sedate, no-nonsense TKS website.  Please let us explain.

"Story of a Family”, Commemorative Project for the 140th Founding Anniversary of Shinano Mainichi Newspaper.  

   We, TKS, had the honor of being involved with the Commemorative Project for the 140th Founding Anniversary of Shinano Mainichi Newspaper.  A special issue of the comedian TEKKEN's latest full cut of cartoons of "Story of a Family" totalling 1918 drawings was published.  The project did not stop at just publishing the special issue. The three companies, the Shinano Mainichi Newspaper, the film production company and TKS continued to discuss on how to present the 1918 cuts of the flip cartoon pictures into a moving format.  It was a question of how to evolve a venue that only a newspaper can bring out which led to the fact that a newspaper involves a printing press, therefore, why not use the knowhow of its offset printing press to print a flip carton.

   The question then was how?  Change plates 1918 times?  No way!  Print 1918 cuts consecutively?  This was also not the answer since a flip cartoon image changes page by page and would not be practical considering the number of plate changes and the labor involved.

   In looking back now, it was an opportune coincidence that our attempt at that time in trying very hard to find a way to print the flip pages of the TEKKEN cartoon with our newspaper printing press eventually dovetailed into our core “variable data” processing capability.  The only way to print 1918 sheets of variable data consecutively was to use a digital printer, and that meant the JETLEADER1500.

   Printing 1918 cuts consecutively with the JETLEADER, with variable data printed on a portion of the paper was truly a simulation of variable printing.  And this time, this variable data was further videotaped in flip comic sequence.  At the onset, however, we were unable to synchronize the JETLEADER’s printing speed with the flip comic’s speed resulting in a technical problem of an error of a few millimeters per second making the animation image move slightly.

Scene of Video Taping Session
YouTube Sight  
   This problem too, however, was cleared by our working together with the film production staff calculating the size of one sheet, the placement size of the image, and the position and pitch spacing, together with further fine tuning the printing speed of the JETLEADER, and adjusting the number of film sequences.

   In this fashion the 1918 cuts were converted to PDF and by going through the process of printing with the JETEADER we were able to gain a very valuable experience in that we were made aware of the future of digital printing and the potential of variable data.

   The newest issue of TEKKEN’s flip cartoon "Story of a Family" is available on YouTube.  Please also view "Story of a Family" (a newspaper printing press animation) which also shows pictures of the making of this newspaper flip cartoon.
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