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TKS Color Top Century Press to be Installed at The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd


Presently Installed “Color-Top Century” in Operation


On April 8th, 2014, TKS received an order for one set of the 100,000 copies-per-hour Color-Top Century web offset press from The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd. which will be installed at their Kumiyama Printing Plant.

Dating back many years when their corporate name was The Kyoto Shimbun Co., Ltd., The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co. have been using our rotary printing presses for a long time and in 2007 when they newly built their present Kumiyama Printing Plant, they were the first to install our two sets of the world's fastest web offset presses, the 100,000 cph, Color-Top Century.

With the addition this time of the one set of Color-Top Century, they will now be printing 580,000 newspaper copies with a total of three presses.

The new press, which can print 40 pages with 24 in color has a configuration of:  3CT44・2CT11・1F・5R.  The addition of a balloon former will make it possible to add sections.

Furthermore, TKS received orders for peripheral equipment such as the TKS Newspaper Production Control System, the T-NPC-N, and the fully automatic web leading system, the FWL-200.

Actual production is slated for October 2015.