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GRAPH EXPO 2015 Exhibition Report

GRAPH EXPO 2015, an exhibition for the printing industry, was held in Chicago, USA, from September 13th to 16th of 2015.

There were many package printing exhibits last year.  This year, more exhibitors were pushing digital printing, as the theme with the title of "digital, digital, digital."

There were a significant number of exhibitions of digital printing machines designed for commercial printing, such as labels, packaging, and wide format printing.  Improvements in printing speed and quality were front and center.  It was remarkable that some vendors had exhibitions highlighting high-quality 1200dpi printing. The digital printing machines continue equaling or surpassing conventional commercial printing quality.

At the GRAPH EXPO, by using panels and printed samples, TKS featured the JETLEADER and our Color Top 5000UDI 4x1 rotary offset press designed with international specifications.  During the show, as TKS did last year and thanks to the courtesy of TOPWEB LLC., we offered our visitors the opportunity to see the actual operation of JETLEADERs at TOPWEB LLC., located in the same city.

Most of our visitors inquired about digital printing.  As for the first major offset press manufacturer to introduce digital printing to the commercial printing industry we understand the requirements of printers and continue to advance the JETLEADER technology to meet those needs.

There were discussions and presentations in seminars during show, with titles such as: “How to use digital printing effectively in newspaper printing” and “Comparing digital and offset in newspaper printing.”  The interest to use digital printing machines for printing newspaper is getting higher every year.

The next GRAPH EXPO will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, from September 25th to 28th of 2016.


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