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COLOR TOP 5100UDI to be installed at Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd. in India

TKS was awarded an order for one set of the COLOR TOP 5100UDI offset printing press from Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd. of India.

Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd. is India's largest media group with head offices in its two largest cities, Delhi and Mumbai, owning several TV, radio, newspaper, and internet related companies. On the newspaper side, the company owns more than ten newspaper titles including The Times of India, the world's largest English-language broadsheet by daily circulation, The Economic Times, largest business title in India and the second largest in the world. More than 7.5 million copies altogether are printed in 42 plants in India, in which the company owns 13.

With construction of a new plant in Manesar (located approximately 30km southwest of Delhi airport), the company decided to invest in our 4x1 press, COLOR TOP 5100UDI.

Same type of COLOR TOP 5100UDI to be installed
The signing ceremony was held on April 11th, 2017 at TKS. Mr. Raj Jain, CEO of Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd., Mr. Mohit Jain, Executive President - Supply Chain, of Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd., Masahiko Kibune, the President of TKS attended the ceremony.
The Signing ceremony of COLOR TOP 5100UDI

Prior to making their decision, Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd. and TKS consulted in great detail over specifications and technologies. Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd. also conducted their own research about TKS machines used in India, while visiting various TKS sites. During their visit to Japan, the executive members of Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd. went on a TKS Kazusa Techno Center factory inspection tour and could see the TKS commitment in manufacturing the best quality products, and how carefully we can support our customers, cooperating with local agents. Upon completion of this review process, they chose TKS, which was the first TKS machine for Benett Coleman & Co. Ltd..

The new machine, COLOR TOP 5100UDI is an offset rotary press which can print 40 pages of full color newspaper. Its full operation is scheduled on August 1st, 2018.

The specification of COLOR TOP 5100UDI to be installed:

Composition: 5Color Top Towers 4/4 1Folder and 5Reels
Maximum speed: 80,000cph
Drive: Shaftless unit drive
Folder: 2:3:3 Jaw folder
Maximum web width: 1,397mm
Cutoff: 546mm
Dampening: Spray dampening
Inking system: Open fountain inking system