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  The Ministry of the Interior of the Japanese government initiated the first Enterprise of Machinery Manufacturing.


  The state Enterprise, named "Mita Seisakusho" was changed to private ownership and was renamed "Tokyo Kikai Seizou Company, Ltd."
  The company completed the first rotary press made in Japan as a press manufacturer.
  The company's registered trade name was changed to Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. The Shiba family assumed control of TKS.
  Incorporation registration of the present Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd.
  First TKS press installed in Korea.
* Start of a new manufacturing plant was begun at Shinmaruko in Nakahara-ku, Kawaski City (Tamagawa Factory).
  The company was listed on the Tokyo and the Osaka Stock Exchange.
  A sales office was opened in Osaka.
* Fukuoka, Japan sales office was opened.
* ANPA (American Newspaper Production Association) invited TKS to offer their presses within the United States in order to have competition with Goss.
  The first press was installed in the United States at The Santa Monica Evening Outlook, a daily newspaper. This press is still running in Oakridge Tenn on a daily production basis.
  "The Automated System for Newspaper Printing and Dispatching" ordered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry was completed by TKS.
  Sapporo, Japan sales office was opened.
  Concluded an agreement with Taft Equipment Sales Company (TESCO) of Chicago, IL. for sales and services of printing presses and auxiliary equipment for North and South American market.
* A second press assembly factory building at Tamagawa factory is built to house the ten unit press orders placed in the United States. Additional space needed for the continued full operation of a press before shipping to customer site.
* Two-arm reel stand developed for Daily News, Bangkok.
* TKS installed the first NC Machine Tools System within the factory. Today's factory is mainly NC equipped.
* First TKS press sold to Thailand.
  TKS (USA) Inc was founded in suburban Chicago as a service company for TKS's United States customer base.
  TKS developed 50" (1270 mm) three-arm reel stand.
  A new office building is built in front of the Tamagawa manufacturing plant.
  TKS constructed the heat treatment facility at the Tamagawa factory.
  TKS constructed the third press assembly factory building at Tamagawa factory to house the Atlanta Constitution and Journal press of twelve units with three high former levels.
  TKS built a new multi-floor Engineering Center at the Tamagawa factory to initiate drawings through a networked CAD/CAM system for more detail and backup accuracy.
TKS constructed a new six floor head office building in Mita district in Tokyo on the site of the original TKS head office building.
  A tool-grinding facility at the Tamagawa factory is constructed.
* TKS (USA) becomes the sole distributor and service support company for TKS presses in the United States and Canada by acquiring TKS distribution from TESCO.
* Computerization of reel-stand with use of Omron C1000 Programmable Controllers.
  TKS equipment with computerised Ink, Water, Compensator and Plate Registration is fitted onto another press manufacturer's equipment.
* The SRD (Super Registration Device) was developed for complete control over fan-out of web going through a 4 over 4 Tower Unit.
* The first 4-high tower unit Color Top 6000 was installed in a production environment as an addition to an existing TKS press.
* Concluded an agreement with Jin Engineering for sales of TKS presses.
  Developed PC-based Online Addressing System
* CT6000 Tower Units added to another press manufacturer's press and computerization of ink, water and compensators is installed on the press.
Ink pumps are changed from mechanical to Digital.
* TKS development of Spray Bar for use on Tower Presses for more exact water control.
* Developed the Fully Automatic Web Leading device FWL-200
* Developed the Stacker Bundler TSB-220
* Developed the Address Label Reader/Applicator Device AT-250
* Developed the Address Label Printing Device AP-220
* Single Width Shaftless Folder developed as an add-on to existing shafted single width press.
* Development of the 52" three-arm reel stand.
* Single width Tower Unit Color Top 3000 installed at a newspaper.
* Introduction and installation of Color Top 8000, a high speed directory printing press.
* Installed shaftless tower unit onto a shafted TKS double wide press.
* Largest single customer order of Color Top Tower Unit additions to standard shaftless presses (18 - Color Top 6000 Tower Units).
* Developed Official Gazette Online Addressing System
* Introduction of Color Top 3000CM, a two page wide, one around single width commercial unit level shaftless press.
* Split two-arm reel stand development.
* Demonstration of Color Top 7000UD shaftless (UD-Unit Drive) Tower Unit was shown at JANPS show at 80,000 CPH.
* 70° Former Board shaftless RTF (Roller Top Former) retrofit.
* Developed the Color Top 6200UD Web Offset Press
* A complete Color Top 7000CD, shaftless press was demonstrated at DRUPA and shown running at 85,000 CPH with a shaftless 2:5:5 Jaw Folder. Flying Plate change was demonstrated three times daily.
* The first totally shaftless press installed into production at Sankei press.
* First European distributors appointed by TKS covering the UK, Scandinavia, France and Belgium.
* Twenty three Color Top 7000CD Shaftless Presses on order at the factory by Christmas 2000.
* Developed the Color Top 3100CMUD Web Offset Press
* Developed the Color Top 8200CD Web Offset Press
* Developed the Upper Sheet Applicator WS-220, the Paper Banding Device BM-350, the Wrapper Device PB-300, the Octavo Folding Device FM-200, and the Small Bundle Banding Machine PB-100
* Developed the Stacker Bundler VOS-100
* The first Color Top 7000CD shaftless Tower Unit is added to TKS shafted press in production.
* Demonstration of Flying Plate Change (four over four-64 plates at one time) at speeds of 50,000 CPH.
* Demonstration of Flying Reel Size change from full roll to three quarters roll, full roll to half roll width at the same time as a flying page change at 35,000 CPH.
* The first Color Top 7000CD Shaftless Press to be placed in production in late 2001, in the Tokyo area.
* As of March 2001, TKS have sales and bookings for 54 Shaftless Presses (42 Color Top 7000CD, 5 Color Top 6200UD, 6 Color Top 8200CD and 1 Color Top 3100CMUD Shaftless Presses) for the factory, on order from customers in Asia and the USA bringing the total to 3,275 Color Top Tower Cylinders.
* Developed the Color Top 7000CDH Web Offset Press
* The first Color Top 7000CDH shaftless Tower Unit Press is placed in production in Korea. Four on line production prior to July of 2002.
* As of May 2002, Shaftless sales for TKS increased to 67 presses bringing the total to 3,492 Color Top Tower Cylinders. Of these 1,480 cylinders are Shaftless design.
* Developed the Stacker Bundler TSB-300
* Developed the Color Register Control System TRC-3000
* Successful test printing at 96,000 cph of Color Top 7000CD
* Developed the Color Master HB-5000ED and the Economaster BYH-5000 Web Offset Presses
* Exhibited at NEXPO 2003 the Color Top 5000UD Web Offset Press
* Developed the Color Top 82000CMCD Web Offset Press
* Developed the Color Top 3500CMUD Web Offset Press
* Developed the Color Top 9000CDH Web Offset Press and exhibited at drupa2004
* Established Iga Machinery Co., Ltd.
* Beijing office was setup and opened.
* First installation of Tower offset press in China.
* Received ISO 14001 (2004 Version) Certified.
* Color Top Century offset press performing top speed in the world completed
* Commemorative Party held to celebrate 100th Year of Rotary Press Manufacture
* TKS training school opened
* First tower type offset printing press to Europe started operation
* First Colormaster offset press HB-5000ED for commercial printing to overseas started operation
* Decision made on Tamagawa factory moving to Kazusa Academia Park
* The COLORTOP Ecoprius, the first Berliner press in Asia started the operation at JoongAng Ilbo in Korea.
* Opened the Tohoku Sales Office.
* The COLORTOP 4000UDH started the operation at Frederick News Post in U.S.A.
* Developed the 4x1 press, COLORTOP ECOWIDE and its operation was shown to the public.

The COLORTOP MINIBE started the operation.

* Operation and sales of the mailroom sector were moved from TKS to KKS.
* Developed the TKS’s first digital printing press TKS JETLEADER.

The 4x1 press COLORTOP ECOWIDE started the operation for the first time in Japan.


Began construction at the Kazusa Techno Center.


Kazusa Techno Center works as a new production base of TKS, which has been transfered from Tamagawa Factory.


The 4x1 press, the COLOR TOP 5000UDI has started its first commercial production at kerala , INDIA.


Japan's First Printing of "The Wall Street Journal Asia" on Digital Printing System, the JETLEADER 1500


2 X 2 Color Top 4200 UD in Operation in China


Decision to install Printing press for NPB's Official Gazette


First Digital Printer, JETLEADER 1500, Operating in U.S.

As of end October 2012
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