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Color Top 7000CD - Successful Test Printing at 96,000 cph

Among the newspaper printing presses running today, the CT7000CD, which was our first release machine delivered to the Nagano Production Center of Shinano Mainichi Newspaper, has the world’s fastest printing speed of 96,000 copies per hour (cph).
In the fall of 2002, part of the printing job that the Shiojiri Production Center had been contracted to print was transferred to their Nagano Production Center to shorten the printing time, however, it turned out that it was necessary for the Nagano Production Center to constantly print at a top speed of 85,000 cph, therefore, Shinano Mainichi Newspaper searched for a way to get some leeway in their timeframe.
Originally, the CT7000CD’s top printing speed of 85,000 cph was a parameter setting of what was the highest speed possible relative to the various peripheral equipment and their operation requirements, and not the highest limit the machines were designed for.
Engineers then got together and after discussions and study, on February 9th, 2003 (a non-printing day), with the full cooperation of Shinano Mainichi Newspaper, commenced test printing of 16 full color pages at a speed of 800 rpm (96,000 cph) which resulted in smooth, stable printing to produce 55,000 copies thus proving the latent capabilities of the TKS CT7000CD. Except for changing the software parameters to 96,000 cph, ink, paper and fountain solution used were regular production supplies--nothing else was changed.
Making use of the know-how accrued from this printing test, the TKS CT7000CD will bring to you constant and continued improvements and innovations.