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The IFRA conference was held at Leipziger Messe, Leipzig, Germany, and the birth place of the printing press. The exhibit was from October 13 to October 16, 2003. IFRA saw increases this year of exhibitors to 309 (55 more than last year). The volume of visitors to the IFRA exhibition was over nine thousand personnel from newspapers and printers.

Videos of TKS factory operation and description of TKS technical advantages and patents were shown. The video included SRD (Super Register Device), Digital Ink Pump, tension control system and flying page capability. Panel displays of TKS 4 x 1 press sale in United States shown along with the right angle tower units to the folder with reel stands on the same floor level. These panels were used for description of TKS engineering capabilities.

TKS was visited by new newspaper companies that are starting new studies for their press replacements. Their visit from the European market shows recognition of TKS’ name as an excellent press vendor. Visited customers came to the exhibition to better define their production needs for TKS to submit a press configuration for pricing and delivery.

The European market is showing a division on newspaper size and formats. A strong interest to operating newspaper production facilities with 6 x 2 presses with small page sizes. Another production requirement is moving toward Tabloid production of large formats. Both cases are seeing presses being built with large web widths. The new product of 4 x 1 presses has seen a strong interest from not only newspapers but semi-commercial printers.

Many newspapers were interested in TKS first installation in Europe at Lisbon, Portugal. Newspapers showed strong surprise over the short plan schedule of installation into production operation of Mirandela Artes Graficas press at Lisbon.

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