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50th Newspaper Production Conference
High Speed Rotary Presses, Status and Issues - Will Materials and Auxiliary Equipment Keep Up (Extract)
Development of Color Top CD
* Purpose of Development
  Improve Productivity
  Reduce number of sets
  Lessen printing time
  High Quality
  Advantages of shaftless
  Reduce power consumption
  Improve workability; improve work environment
* Development Items
  Robust sturdiness
  Printing: Re-investigating development of high speed DIP inking system and roller arrangement
  Folder: Development of newspaper jaw folder and 700 Series (rotary) folder
  Reelstand: Development of high speed paster system
  Development of SDS-CD (Super Driver System-Couple Drive)
High Speed Test Printing of Color Top 7000CD at Shinano Mainichi Newspaper
Date of test : 2003-Feb.- 8th - Preparation
  2003-Feb.- 9th - Testing
  2003-Feb.- 10th - Return to original setup
Location of test : Nagano Production Center of Shinano Mainichi Newspaper, Engineering Bureau
Press tested : Printing folder/units 10F-12T-13T used
Printing speed : 96,000 cph
Printing condition : 16 pages, all color, single delivery
  Regular, existing production materials used
Copies printed : 55,000 copies
* Pre-test preparation
  Folder : Change torque setting of each torsion bar
  Electrical : (1) Change Main Control Panel program
  (2) Change setting values of operation parameters
  Mailroom devices : Change setting values of various parameters
* Results
  Print quality : Able to confirm that quality is same as printing at 85,000 cph
  Tension : Stable
  Image density : In accordance with Japan Color standards
  Register : Within ± 3/100mm
  Dot gain : Standard values
  Noise & vibration : Almost the same as during 85,000 cph
Split-Arm Reelstand
  By using a split arm reelstand, it is possible to mount various width rolls.
  Simplified maintenance due to use of air-cooled center brakes.
  Tension fluctuation after pasting is controlled with roller brush.
Energy Savings of a Shaftless Web Offset Press
Power Outage During Shaftless Printing
    During power outage, the press’s Permanent Magnet Synchronous Electric Motor (SM) acts as a generator as it slows down and supplies the press’s intertial energy to the folder, infeed and to each drag roller thus allowing the press to come to a halt without a web break during power outages.
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