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Startup Printing of Commercial/Newspaper Hybrid Web Offset Press for Chunichi High Speed Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

On February 10, 2004 the startup printing ceremony of the hybrid Commercial Web Offset Press consisting of newspaper and commercial towers which were to be delivered to the Chunichi High Speed Offset Printing Co., Ltd. was held in the presence of the company’s President, Mr. Kushida and its managerial staff at the Haneda Factory of Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho. After the tape cutting, President Kushida pressed the start button which started the printing of 16 pages of full color on coated paper (newspaper size format) in combination with printing on newspaper stock running it up to a maximum speed of 850 rpm which successfully ended the ceremony.

Making use of the freedom (flexibility) afforded by the shaftless arrangement, the press consists of two commercial 546mm (21-1/2”) X 880mm (35”) tower type multi-color 4 X 4 units, the Color Top 3500CMUD (with a two-web dryer) and one double width, 4 X 4 tower for printing newspapers with two 2:2:2 jaw folders, a printing combination that was unheard of till now. This enables each unit to print at any time, at any speed, or print different types of paper at the same time and present them as one product. Depending on the mix, a wide variety of products is possible.

The biggest merit for newly developing this Color Top 3500CMUD is the efficient use of space. By turning the horizontal type 546mm X 880mm press to a tower type, as proven in this instance, it was possible to install two 546mm X 880mm tower units and one newspaper tower on spacing for just one horizontal type unit, thus greatly enhancing productivity. For print quality, with the combined features of the roller arrangement used in our latest horizontal press, the HB-5000ED, and the continuously supplying water dampening system it is possible to get sharp screen dots and beautiful solids. Chunichi High Speed Offset is slated to go on full production in May.

Main Features of the Color Top 3500CMUD
Max. printing speed : 850 rpm
Paper roll size : 880 ~ 406.5mm
Printing circumference : 546mm (double around blanket cyl.)
Paper type & weight : Coated, high grade, mid grade, low grade and newsprint
Inking system : Open fountain with independent drive system
Dampening system : Continuous water supply system
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