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  – Introducing New Products –
Cardboard/Kraft Paper Underlay Applicator, ULC-100

As a new product in the newspaper mailroom equipment lineup the Cardboard/Kraft Paper Underlay Applicator, ULC-100 has been developed to integrate the Kraft Sheet Underlay Applicator, UL-220, and the Cardboard Sheet Underlay Applicator, UL-130 for small bundles. This is a device to protect bundles that are being conveyed from getting soiled or torn by automatically placing Kraft paper sheets under the newspaper bundles or cardboard sheets under small bundles as they come out of the counter-stacker.

For those newspapers that required the use of both Kraft sheet and cardboard underlays, a large space was needed to line both devices in tandem. As a result of much deliberations on how to best utilize limited space we decided that, based on considerations for stability, functionality and maintainability, putting the UL-220 and UL-130 on the same frame would meet the conditions set forth. Actual development started in March of 2003 and after testing and adjustments, succeeded in developing the ULC-100.

By making the total length of the ULC-100 the same as the UL-220, space savings was realized making it easy to install within the existing newspaper mailroom layout. The distance between the counter-stacker and the stack conveyor line was reduced by 23% (790mm compared betweenn TKS equipment). The cardboard ejecting mechanism has been changed from a belt type to a roller type which further increases stability and makes for better and smoother operations.