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  - Introducing New Products -
Colormaster BT-5000EDR 1092 X 880mm (43” X 34 1/2”)

The 1092 X 880mm (43 X 34 1/2”) Colormaster BT-5000EDR was developed with the objective of further upgrading the high speed function and productivity of our core commercial web offset printing press, the 546 X 880mm (21 1/2” X 34 1/2”) Colormaster HB-5000ED.

The BT-5000EDR, which features shaftless drives and horizontal B-B type construction that already have a proven track record in the HB-5000ED, consists of one set of reelstand and infeed unit, four printing units, a dryer, cooling unit and folder.

Maximum printing speed for a B4 fold (9 3/4” X 14”) is 600 rpm (on the HB-5000ED it would be 1,100 rpm) and the printing sizes would be 8 pages and 16 pages for B4 size (9 3/4” X 14”), 16 pages and 32 pages for B5 size (7” X 9 3/4”).
Printed paper can be delivered out from both the top and bottom levels or from one level.

To better handle ever higher speeds, the printing unit is equipped with plate and blanket cylinders that are double the circumference of the HB-5000ED, and to secure higher print quality the water form roller diameter has been increased. 

In addition to the ink pick-up roller utilizing a shockless cam (patent applied for) developed by TKS, the positioning of the blanket washer has been relocated at the web exit point of the unit so that blankets can be changed without having to take out the blanket washer device.  Furthermore, by modifying the arrangement of the motors, the external view has taken on a neater look.

The folder unit is a 2:3:3:4 ratio system (cutting cylinder = 2), (folding cylinder = 3), (jaw cylinder = 3), (reducing cylinder = 4), with  double choppers for upper and lower level delivery to cope with high speed and to maintain stable and reliable fold precision.

A new cam mechanism (patent applied for) was developed for the jaw cylinder to receive and hand over the folded sections to the two (upper and lower level) reducing cylinders thus simplifying the cylinder composition.  As it is possible to automatically switchover a variety of signatures by “one-touch” operation between straight run, collect run, B4 size(19 3/4” X 14”), and B5 size (7” X 9 3/4”), it has contributed to reduction in makeready time.

Moreover, to improve productivity, adjustments such as for the jaw fold lap, the cross perforation position, and the fan timing can be done while running.  Also, for chopper timing adjustment tracking according to speed is automatically done.

To cope with higher speeds the operability and functionality of the HB-5000 are fully incorporated into the reelstand unit, infeed unit, cooling unit, and upper folder device.  Moreover, by additionally linking two folders to the BT-5000EDR, various inserts can be printed such as 4-page or 8-page products in B4 (9 3/4” X 14”) sizes or B4 (9 3/4” X 14”) sheets.
Colormaster ATW-5000EDR 886 X 1250mm (35” X 50”)

The Colormaster ATW-5000EDR was developed solely for publication printing of single color and two-color books and magazines.
For the drive system , shaftless drive, independent motors are installed for each unit to print at speeds of:
600 rpm - Double delivery:   8 pages & 16 pages – A4 (8 1/4” X 11 3/4”)
500 rpm - Double delivery:  16 pages & 32 pages – A5 (5 3/4” X  8 1/4”)

The machine configuration consists of:
1 reelstand unit
1 infeed unit
1 printing unit for one-color printing or 2 printing units for multiple color printing
cooling unit
folder unit 

For the printing unit it is possible to choose either a spray dampening system or a continuous dampener system.  Furthermore, to improve operability and to reduce makeready time a semi-automatic plate changing system is provided so that even large sized plates can be easily mounted.  For the roller layout the proven TKS technology in multiple color printing used in the HB-5000ED has been incorporated such as the ink form roller and water form roller oscillating system, and the ink rider roller to prevent ink fill-ins (ink sticking).

The configuration of the folder unit consists of the following:
double former
double width cross perforation cylinder
vertical perforation device
2 (cutting) :3 (folding) :3 (jaw) cylinder arrangement
parallel double chopper
delivery section
A4 (8 1/4” X 11 3/4”) sheet fan

The cylinder layout is a 2:3:3 ratio cylinder arrangement which has, in the past, been extensively and successfully utilized in high speed newspaper web offset presses.  Using jaws, tucking blades, jaw cylinder belts, etc. that are geared for higher speeds and to prevent paper aberrations, it has become possible to achieve, not only higher speeds, but also reliability.

To further add to this, changeover between collect run and straight run can be done automatically with “one-touch” operation by the use of our patented “masking cam mechanism”.

Because this multi-faceted folder is equipped with various preset devices (paper width, chopper changeover, perforator changeover) that makes it possible to timely switch over to jobs as required at a given time by “one touch” operation, makeready time is shortened.

Furthermore, other adjustments also feature automation and the ability to make adjustments while running  (on-the-fly) for such functions as jaw fold lap adjustment, cross perforation timing adjustment, chopper timing speed tracking, and fan timing, thus greatly improving ease of operation.
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