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  - Exhibition  Report -
Exhibited at “JANPS2005” - live hybrid printing with shaftless web offset press

President N. Shiba presenting opening address asChairman of CONPT-Japan

JANPS2005 (18th Newspaper Production Technology Show) was held from November 15th to 18th, 2005 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (“Tokyo Big Sight”). 

On display were two units of the TKS Color Top 3500CMUD (546 X 880mm 21 1/2” X 34 1/2”) shaftless web offset presses performing live hybrid printing three times a day, everyday, for the full four days of the show which attracted 5,000 visitors to the booth.

For this hybrid demonstration, one printing unit was equipped with  a dryer and printed on coated paper and the other was  a coldest  unit printing on high grade newsprint.  Both the coated paper and newsprint were printed on both sides at the same time and as they came through the one folder, the “fresh-off-the-press” samples were distributed to the viewers.

The Color Top 3500CMUD, which is a commercial cum newspaper H-type web offset press developed for optimal space utilization, features a shaftless unit drive system.  By deploying a shaftless drive system, gears, shafts, clutches and bearings have been drastically reduced improving conductive efficiency, and by the employment of regenerative braking on every motor, electrical power consumption has decreased contributing to energy conservation.  On typical commercial web presses, after printing with heatset inks, the web goes straight into the dryer, but in the case of the 3500CMUD, with the use of “air-turning” devices, the web path direction can be diverted 90° immediately after printing which allows for efficient use of  vertical space by being able to stack the printing and folder units atop the reelstands and placing the dryers on top. Some of the salient features are:

  • Max. printing speed of 850 rpm
  • Max. paper width 880mm
  • Plate cyl. circumference 546mm (blanket cyl. is double)
  • paper can be coated, high or middle grade or newsprint (40 – 110g/m2)

  • In addition, there were live demonstrations of newspaper mailroom equipment such as the new TKS Counter-Stacker, CS-600, and the Address Label Printer/Applicator, the APT-500.

    The CS-600 counter stacker has the capability  of stacking and rotating bundles of 15 copies each (each copy can be from 2 to 48 pages) at a printing speed of 100,000 cph.  It is compactly designed due to the drastic cut in distance from the center portion of the counter stacker to the contact point of the conveyor.  The APT-500 has a high speed printing head that can print 55 labels per minute, yet its footprint is 40% less than previous models which is a space saving advantage.  Furthermore, a larger system configuration can be laid out with the use of the Ethernet LAN.

    At the end of the first day of the show, the Technical Committee of the Japan Newspaper Editors and Publishers Association presented TKS with the JANPS2005 Exhibition Award.  Also on exhibition  in the booth were live demonstrations of the TKS Group company, Kaneda Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd.’s BTC Carrier (center grip newspaper conveyor) and the JET Sorter (high speed newspaper bundle sorter).  In another booth next to TKS, were exhibits of two other companies within the TKS Group.  TohkiElectronics Co., Ltd. had on display their Total Newspaper Production System, NewspaperProduction Control System, spray dampening device, automatic registration control system, and the web image inspection system.  Iga Machinery Company, Ltd. on the other hand had panel displays of its  CONSOLE shaftless web offset presses (Advance TWα and Snyergy TWα).
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