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This will be our 100th year of manufacturing rotary presses.
- We will continue to develop and expand our technological skills to answer to our customers’ needs. -
First Domestic Rotary Press Z-Type High Speed Rotary Press
Universal No. 1, High Speed Rotary Press The 200 Model, High Speed Rotary Press
This will be the 100th year since TKS started in 1906 as the first domestic manufacturer to produce rotary printing presses.

In the 1920’s TKS took the lead in developing high speed rotary presses introducing the first domestic Z-Type High Speed Rotary Press.  Thereafter, new models made their appearances in succession such as the Special High Speed Press, the TKS Special, the DENKO (lightning) Model and the Horizontal Model.

In 1950 the first arch-type rotary press, the Universal No. 1 Model, was completed which was the basic model for the succession of newspaper letterpress rotary presses.

This Universal Model was followed by the 200-Type High Speed Rotary Press, the culmination of our line of newspaper letterpress rotary presses.
VBW Model, High Speed Web Offset Press BHK Model, Web Offset Press
About this time the age of web offset printing came into being.  Our design process for the offset presses began in 1965 and in 1970 we completed building our first press and held an open house, public showing (with actual printing) in the same year.

Four years after this, production of the VBW type web offset press got underway which would be the backbone of our successful series of newspaper web offset presses for the next 20 years, printing outstanding newspapers in Japan and overseas.

In 1992, based on the VBW technology, the Spectrum 5000 web offset pres was offered as an economical choice for the decentralized, local printing sites as opposed to the fully equipped presses.

Having consistently lead the rotary printing press industry till now, we turned our technical concentration to usher in the Color Top tower web offset press that embodies the triumphs over many of the universal problems such as overcoming the fan-out problem and achieving excellent registration, which other manufacturers were unable to implement.

In 1993 the tower type web offset press, the Color Top 6000, Model No. 1, was completed.  Using the 6000 model as a base, the evolution to the shaftless 7000CD models took place offering a wide range of features such as arch-type, H-type, right angle (press and reelstand on same floor), 4 X 1, 6 X 2, and to top off this outstanding Color Top series, the new, world’s fastest 100,000-copies-per-hour Color Top Century was developed and demonstrated live, this year, printing at the actual maximum printing speed of 100,000 cph in front of guests in the printing industry commemorating TKS’ 100th anniversary of manufacturing rotary presses.

Going back a number of years, in 1977, the dual-purpose newspaper and commercial BHK web offset press was introduced.  To this day, the BHK press has been a “bestseller” producing a variety of products from newspaper and magazines to flyers and inserts.
A-1 Model, A4 (magazine size) Rotary Book Printing Press ATW Model, Web Offset Press BTS Model, Web Offset Press
By utilizing the high-level technology of newspaper web offset presses on commercial web offset presses, TKS is constantly developing a wide range of products.

In 1947, the A-1 Model rotary letterpress book printing press, followed next year by the B-1 Model came into being which resulted in TKS producing a series of models from 1 to 8.  In offset presses, the ATW Model and its counterpart, the BTS Model were developed and the ATW technology was also implemented in newspaper offset presses.

The lineup further consists of:

The Colormaster, which boasts high print quality, started with the HB-2000 followed by the HB-5000ED and AY-5000ED.
The Economaster, the economical press, includes models BY-1000 and BYH-5000ED.
The Colortop, the space saver, ranges from the telephone directory press, the 8000, to the multi-purpose 3500CMUD.

Some of the Rotary Presses Now in Service
We have been developing, for a long one hundred years, a vast array of newspaper and commercial web offset presses plus automatic labor-saving systems and peripheral equipment.  The following photos of the TKS presses now in service are for newspaper and commercial application and are the two key elements that provide great synergies which have made it possible for us to better answer to the needs of our customers, thus our reputation:  “TKS, the company for rotary presses”.
Newspaper Web Offset Presses
Spectrum 5000 Web Offset Press
The new model version of the VBW rotary press
  Colortop 6000 Web Offset Press
Our first tower type web offset press
Colortop 6200UD Shaftless Web Offset Press
Our first full set of tower press all with unit drives.
  Colortop 7000CD Shaftless Web Offset Press
Our first couple drive tower press running at a top speed of 85,000 cph
Colortop 8200CD Shaftless Web Offset Press
Same type couple drive tower press as 7000CD but has the reelstand on the same printing press floor
  Colortop 7100CDH Shaftless Web Offset Press
Our first couple drive tower press running at 90,000 cph
Colortop 5000CD Shaftless Web Offset Press
Our first couple drive tower press with 4-page wide by 1-page around plate and blanket cylinders
  Colortop Century Shaftless Web Offset Press
World’s fastest, 100,000 cph, couple drive tower press was test run in front of invited guests at the TKS factory

Commercial Web Offset Presses

Economaster BY-1000 Keyless Web Offset Press
Our first commercial press with keyless inking system:  767 x 1085mm
  Colortop 8000 Web Offset Press
Our first commercial tower web offset press for telephone directory printing utilizing the Colortop 6000 technology:  64-page A4 (letter) size
Economaster BYH-5000ED Shaftless Web offset Press
This is a press specifically made for multi-color printing:  767 x 1085mm (30” x 42½”)
  Colortop 8200 CMCD Shaftless Web Offset Press
Our first tower web offset press order from Europe:  64-page A4 (letter) size
Colormaster HB-5000ED Shaftless Web Offset Press
Our first horizontal B-B type commercial shaftless web offset press that can print from flyers to catalogs
  Colormaster BT-5000EDR Shaftless Web offset Press
Shaftless web offset press that is faster than the HB-5000ED:  1092 x 880mm (42” x 34 ½”)
Colormaster ATW-5000EDR Shaftless Web Offset Press
This is a press specifically developed for publication printing for single- or two-color printing of books and weekly magazines:  886 x 1250mm (35” x 50”)
  Colormaster AY-5000ED Shaftless Web Offset Press
A press developed for printing catalogs, pamphlets and magazines:  625 x 980mm(24½” x 38½”)
Newspaper/Commercial Web Offset Presses
Economaster BHK-1000 Web Offset Press
A press for newspaper printing mainly, but also can print magazines and flyers:  546 x 880mm (21½” x 34½”)
  Colortop 3500CMUD Shaftless Web offset press
H-type web offset press for newspapers and commercial printing:  546mm x 880mm (21½” x 34½”)

Newspaper Mailroom System
Starting with the core of the system, the counter-stacker, a complete line of equipment is available, therefore, with the PC-based online addressing system, which was developed by TKS, it is possible to configure small or large systems.      
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