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Exhibited at JANPS 2007, Introduction of New Color Top
President N.Shiba presenting opening address as chairman of CONPT-Japan  
JANPS 2007 (The19th Japan Newspaper Production Show) was held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) from Nov. 6th to 9th, 2007.  TKS introduced by using panels and videos the super high speed printing press Color Top “Century” and 4 x 1 Color Top 5200UDH which is effective for saving energy and floor space.  Furthermore “Berliner” Color Top 7100UDH was also exhibited which has been receiving attention for the renewal of the print and new-expected size products.  The new production control system “T-NPC-N” which can collectively control and precess all data from the printing press to mailroom equipment and sorting systems was also introduced by using counter stacker and labeler.
Introducing Exhibited Products
Color Top Century
TKS Color Top “Century” web offset printing press has the top speed of 100,000 chp in the world and uses conventional ink, paper, plate, and blanket.  “Century” can reduce effectively the printing time by its superb high speed in emergency situation.  The steady running web tensin in high speed production is secured by using the new electro pneumatic tension control system for the reel room tension and using horizontal sliding dancer roller for the unit tension.  Combined with the 3-ink-form-roller system, 3-dampening rollers including rider roller, and high speed DIP (Digital Ink Pump) proved in Color Top 7000 Series, the “Century” provides excellent printing quality from low speed to the hightest 100,000 chp.  Using eco-drive main motors for each printing couple (plate and blanket cylinder) in the unit and folder, removing horizontal and vertical shafts, and reducing many gears / clutches / bearings lead to the cut-down of power and energy.  The first “Century” has been running at Kyoto Shimbun Kumiyama Plant since March 2007.
Color Top 5200UDH
The unit is a 4 x 1 shaftless offset printing press for domestic specification.  Demand for this unit is increasing among Japanese newspaper companies because of its capability in the reduction of printing materials, energy, and space.  The unit has a 4-page-width x 1-circumferential-page length plate and has the maximum speed of 75,000 cph.  Using the one round plate leads to material savings compared with the double length plate and bucause it can use the conventional blanket, the running cost can also be reduced.  The unit drive shaftless mechanism meets the present-day demands for energy reduction and environmental considerations.  The 4 x 1 type Color Top 5000CD is in full production at Newspaper Agency Corporation in the United States.
Color Top 7100UDH
The “Berliner” is a printing press for a new peper size which is between the standard broad sheet and the tabloid formats.  Recently in Europe and the United States, more and more newspaper companies are installing this press to make an impact on the readers with its compact plate size and to prevent the shift away from newspapers.  The benefit is not only the roll cost saving, but its compact paper size (close to A-4 size when folded) also make it easily applicable to other printing matter and portable in the crowded trains during commute.  The shaftless drive mechanism in this “Berliner” with the specification of 1292 mm (50.87”) web width, 470 mm (18.5”) cut off size, and maximum printing speed of 90,000 cph, enabled the unit to save power and energy as with the 5200UHD.  The first Berliner format type press in Asia was adopted at JoongAng Ilbo Ansan Plant in Korea and is planned to start running in January 2008.
Production Management & Control System T-NPC-N
This system supports the newspaper the production with better efficiency.  T-NPC-N was, in the past, used for pre-setting data in the press individually.  “T-NPC-N” system consolidates this T-NPC-N, the adress on-line system for controlling the labels, and the sorter system for distribution / loading of newspapers. It controls and processes all information from each of the three systems under one server.  Data input, supervision, and operation of each unit / system are handled through PCs in control rooms and at each press set.
The signal and data transmission between the press / mailroom equipments / sorting unit is treated through the LAN cable from the server.  This “T-NPC-N” system is now running at Kyoto Shimbun Kumiyama Plant and Akita Sakigake Shimpo Printing Co.

Two companies of TKS group exhibited in JANPS
Exhibited products by Tohki Electoronics Co. Ltd.
* Total Newspaper Page-up System (Kingdom System)
* Monitor Proof (Hi-Vision Proof)
* Spray Dampener(TSD-3000)
* Automatic Registration Control System(TRC-5000)
* Cutoff Control System
* Image Inspection System(Inspector-500)
* Printing Press Simulation System
* Dampening Water Recycling Equipment(DAWRE)
* Parts Cleaning Equipment
Exhibited products by Kaneda Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd.
* Center Grip Newspaper Conveyor(BTC)
* Magnetic Guidance Type Automatic Guided Shuttle(AGS 800)
* Wrapper Preparation Robot with De-header(WRP)
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