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Order of Additional Tower for The Chugoku Newspaper's Fukuyama Production Center

TKS received an order from The Chugoku Newspaper Co., Ltd. for additional installation of one 4 x 2, web offset Color Top 6100 tower unit for their Fukuyama Production Center.  This production center at present has two sets of Color Top 6100 web offset presses and prints the Chugoku Newspaper and other newspapers such as the Seikyo Newspaper.

Of the two existing sets at the newspaper, this order involves the addition of one Color Top 6100 tower unit on to the set that will be printing other newspapers in addition to its Chugoku Newspaper so that both sets will each have the capacity to print 40 pages with 24 pages in color.  By doing this, it will provide backup capability for printing the main Chugoku Newspaper.