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JETLEADER 1500 Start-up Ceremony at Hawaii Hochi
Mr. Go Oishi
President and CEO
Shizuoka Shimbun
  Mr. Keiichi Tagata
Hawai Hochi Ltd.

On March 10th 2014, a start-up ceremony was held at Hawaii Hochi (Honolulu, Hawaii) for the digital printing machine, the JETLEADER 1500, which was recently installed.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Go Oishi, President and CEO of Shizuoka Shimbun (newspaper), Mr. Keiichi Tagata, President of Hawaii Hochi Ltd. plus many from the newspaper industry in Japan such as The Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association and Kyodo News, which made for a successful event.

For the start-up ceremony, rather than the traditional tape cutting, a Hawaiian style Maile Lei cutting ceremony was held after which President Tagata pressed the start button of the JETLEADER to commence printing of the Hawaii Herald's broadsheet, 20-page, full color newspaper at a speed of 150 meters per minute which were then handed out to the guests "hot off the press".

Auspiciously, at present, TKS is receiving quite a few inquiries for our JETLEADER 1500 and it is our hope that we will continue to earn your support and patronage.

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