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Apr.11(Tue.), 2017
Jan.17(Tue.), 2017
Apr.11(Mon.), 2016
Apr. 8(Fri.), 2016
TKS article in the special feature report “Japan Country Report” in South China Morning Post
Apr. 6(Wed.), 2016 4x1 Press sets to be installed at the Kawasaki Printing Plant of The Asahi Shimbun Company

Mar. 24(Thu.), 2016

Start-up Ceremony of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II at Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd.
Feb. 18(Thu.), 2016
TKS Color Top 7100CD to be installed at The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd.
Jan. 8(Fri.), 2016 TKS “T-PLATER”, an automatic plate attaching and detaching device won “Technology Encouragement Award”
Dec. 25(Fri.), 2015
TKS 4x1 press sets to be installed at The Sanyo Shimbun
Dec.17(Tue.), 2015 Start-up ceremony of first domestic installation of the JETLEADER 1500 for The Chunichi Shimbun
Dec. 1(Tue.), 2015 Start-up Ceremony of Color Top Century at Kumiyama Printing Plant of The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd.
Start-up Ceremony of Color Top 6200UDH at AS Building Printing Plant of AKATSUKI PRINTING INC.
Nov. 11(Wed.), 2015 Started Full Operation of Color Top Century at Kumiyama Printing Plant of The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd.
GRAPH EXPO 2015 Exhibition Report
July 22 (Wed.) – 24 (Fri.), 2015 JANPS 2015 Exhibition Report
Dec. 26 (Fri.), 2014 Start-up ceremony of Colortop 7100CD for Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd.
Oct.31 (Fri.), 2014 GRAPH EXPO 2014 Exhibition Report

Color Top 5000UDI Web Offset Press began to run at Kannur factory, India of The Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd.

4x1 press “Color Top 5000UDI” to be installed at The Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. in India

4x1 Press set to be installed at Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd.
Aug.30 (Fri.), 2014 Installation of TKS Color Top 6200UDH Web Offset Press Set for AKATSUKI PRINTING INC
July 31 (Thu.), 2014

TKS JETLEADER 1500 receives prestigious 2014 InterTech Technology award

Apr. 30 (Wed.), 2014 TKS Color Top Century Press to be Installed at The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd
Start-up Ceremony of TKS Color Top 7100CD at The San-in Chuo Shimpo Production Center
Mar. 31 (Mon.), 2014 JETLEADER 1500 Start-up Ceremony at Hawaii Hochi
Feb. 28 (Fri.), 2014 Production-Ready Printing of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE Press for Delivery to Yomiuri Newspaper's New Sendai Printing Plant
Feb. 3 (Mon.), 2014 Publication of “140-year History of Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd."
Nov. 29 (Fri.), 2013 JETLEADER 1500 Used for Making Hand Flip Cartoon Animation
Nov. 1 (Fri.), 2013 Start-up Ceremony of JETLEADER 1500 for Delivery to Hawaii Hochi
Oct. 1 (Tue.), 2013 TKS Web Offset Press, Color Top 5100UDI, Starts Production Printing at HT Media, India
Aug. 30 (Fri.), 2013 TKS Receives JETLEADER 1500 Order from Hawaii Hochi
July 31 (Wed.), 2013 Production Start of Color Top 7100CD Web Offset Press at Ehime Newspaper Co., Ltd.

Order of Additional Tower for The Chugoku Newspaper's Fukuyama Production Center
Mar. 29 (Fri.), 2013 Ceremony for JETLEADER 1500 Being Presented "Technical Development Award"

Installation of Color Top 7100CD at The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd.
Feb. 28 (Thu.), 2013 Selling Electricity Based on Large Scale Solar Power Plant (MEGA SOLAR)
Jan. 31 (Thu.), 2013 JETLEADER 1500 Receives Technical Development Award

Color Top 7100CD - To be Installed at Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd.
Dec. 28 (Fri.), 2012 JANPS 2012 Report
Dec. 4 (Tue.), 2012 Report on GRAPH EXPO 2012 Exhibition

JETLEADER demonstration at the NEWSWEB plant
Aug. 31 (Fri.), 2012 Japan's National Printing Bureau Orders Web Offset Press to Print Official Gazette
July 20 (Fri.), 2012 Newsweb Corporation and TKS signed a letter of intent for the JETLEADER 1500 digital ink jet press
June 5 (Tue.), 2012 Color Top 4200UD to be Installed in HAINAN NIPPO, China
May 31 (Thu.), 2012 TKS Color Top 5100 UDI to be Installed at HT Media, India

Information Technology Committee of the The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Visits KAZUSA Techno Center
Apr. 27 (Fri.), 2012 Start of Digital Printing of Newspapers for the First Time in Japan

TKS drupa 2012 Exhibition Press Release
Mar. 6 (Tue.), 2012 Showing of Digital Printing System - JETLEADER 1500
Feb. 10 (Fri.), 2012 Color Top 7100CDH Destined for Installation at Shinano Mainichi Newspaper
Jan. 10 (Tue.), 2012 T-CUTTER, to be Delivered to Niigata Nippo Newpaper

Live Printing of Color Top 4200UD at "All in Print China 2011" Show

The Hefei Evening News of China Signs Contract for HB-5000ED Web Offset
Dec. 5 (Mon.), 2011 TKS receives Letter of Appreciation from DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC (USA).

New Production Hub: Opening Ceremony of Kazusa Techno Center

Exhibition at IFRA EXPO 2011
Sept. 30 (Fri.), 2011 “COLOR TOP 5000UDI” in Full Production  - First Installation for Indian Market –
July 29 (Fri.), 2011 Opening Ceremony for the Kazusa Techno Center
April 28  (Thu.), 2011

Completion ceremony held at the Kazusa Techno Center.

Signing ceremony of the COLORTOP 7100CD offset rotary press to be delivered to the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd was held.

March 31  (Thu.), 2011

The training for the COLORTOP 5000UDI at the TKS factory for the Indian newspaper company, Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing.

Chinese delegation visited to see the COLORTOP 5000UDI.
July 1 (Wed.), 2009 Commercial Web Offset Printing Presses from TKS - - - Engineering Excellence for over 100 years
Apr. 1 (Wed.), 2009 Color Tops produced by TKS--High Technology for Various Size Web Offset Printing Presses
Feb. 10 (Tue.), 2009 KKS celebrated 90 years Anniversary with a Preview Ceremony
Sept. 12 (Fri.), 2008 Color Top MINIBE
May 29 (Thu.)June 11 (Wed.), 2008 Exhibited at drupa 2008
May 12 (Mon.) , 2008 Iga Techno Center completed
Apr. 1 (Tue.) , 2008 TKS Tohoku Sales Office opened
Jan. 3 (Thu.) , 2008 First Berliner Press “Color Top Ecoprius (7100UDH) ” started live production in Asia
Nov. 6 (Tue.) – 9 (Fri.), 2007 Exhibited at “JANPS 2007”, Introducing New Color Top Series
Sep. 3 (Mon.), 2007 Fukuoka Sales Office Relocated
June 12 (Tue.) – 16 (Sat.), 2007 Exhibited at Print Expo 2007 in Beijing
Apr. 21 (Sat.)24 (Tue.), 2007 Exhibited at NEXPO 2007
Mar. 28 (Wed.), 2007 Decision made on Tamagawa Factory moving to Kazusa Academia Park.
Mar. 1 (Thu.), 2007 100,000 cph “Color Top Century” in Full Production
Jan. 1(Mon.), 2007 Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 9000CD
Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 4100CMUD
Oct. 1 (Sun.), 2006 Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 7500CDH
July 19 (Wed.), 2006 Commemorative party held to celebrate 100th year of rotary press manufacture
July 1  (Sat.), 2006 This will be our 100th year of manufacturing rotary presses.
- We will continue to develop and expand our technological skills to answer to our customers’ needs. -
Feb. 10 (Fri.), 2006 Completion of first domestic 6 X 2 web offset newspaper press.
Second Europe bound export to printing company in Portugal.
Dec. 28 (Wed.), 2005 Installation of newspaper press at LiaoNing Daily.
The second round of our commitment to China.
Nov. 15 (Tue.) – 18 (Wed.), 2005 Exhibited at “JANPS2005”
Live demonstration of shaftless web offset hybrid printing
Oct. 17 (Mon.) – 20 (Thu.), 2005 Exhibited at “IfraExpo2005”
Sep. 2  (Fri.), 2005 In-house showing in Chukyo area of the shaftless web offset press, Colormaster HB-5000EDR.
Aug. 31 (Wed.), 2005 Comprehensive tie-up for printing technology development with the Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Waseda University.
July 8 (Fri.), 2005 Test printing of web offset press for Henan Daily
-Completion of first tower type web offset press for China-
July 1 (Fri.), 2005 Colormaster BT-5000EDR 1092 X 880mm (43” X 34 1/2”)
Colormaster ATW-5000EDR 886 X 1250mm (35” X 50”)
Jan.1 (Sat.), 2005 Opening of a resident office in Beijing
Jan. 1 (Sat.), 2005 Cardboard/Kraft Paper Underlay Device ULC-100
Nov. 1 (Mon.), 2004 Purchased Web Offset Division of Hamada Printing Machinery Corp. and established new company, Iga Machinery Co., Ltd., and started sales and marketing
Oct. 12 (Tue.), 2004 TKS Tower Press in China
Oct. 12 (Tue.), 2004 TKS Manufacturing Expansion
May 28 (Fri.), 2004 First showing to users of Color Master HB-5000ED shaftless web offset press
May 6 (Thu.) – 19 (Wed.), 2004 Developed the shaftless web offset press, the Color Top 9000CDH and exhibited at drupa2004
May 6 (Thu.) – 19 (Wed.), 2004 drupa 2004 - Outstanding Success
Apr. 1 (Thu.), 2004 Tower type hybrid web offset press
Mar. 24 (Wed.), 2004 drupa 2004 Exhibition Information
Running of First Domestic 6 X 2 Web Offset Press
Feb. 10 (Tue.), 2004 Startup Printing of Commercial/Newspaper Hybrid Web Offset Press for Chunichi High Speed Offset Printing Co., Ltd.
Nov. 4 (Wed.) – 7 (Fri.), 2003 Exhibited at JANPS2003
Nov. 5 (Wed.), 2003 50th Newspaper Production Conference
High Speed Rotary Presses, Status and Issues - Will Materials and Auxiliary Equipment Keep Up?
Oct. 13 (Mon.) – 16 (Thu.), 2003 Exhibited at IFRA EXPO 2003 in Leipzig, Germany
Oct. 1 (Wed.), 2003 Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 8200CMCD
Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 5000UD
July 1 (Tue.), 2003 Established “Commercial Offset Service Center
May 8 (Thu.) – 9 (Fri.), 2003 Held an open-house showing of our latest product, the Shaftless Web Offset Commercial Press, Color Master HB-5000ED, and the Shaftless Web Offset Commercial Press, Economaster BYH-5000ED.
Feb. 20 (Thu.), 2003 Held celebration for 130th year of founding.
Feb. 9 (Sun.), 2003 Successful test printing of Color Top 7000CD at world’s fastest speed of 96,000 cph.
Jan. 1 (Wed.) , 2003 Spray Dampening System, TSD-2000S
Web Surface Inspecting System, INSPECTOR-300R
Oct. 14 (Mon.) – 17 (Thu.), 2002 Exhibited at IFRA EXPO 2002 in Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 1 (Tue.), 2002
Established Nagoya Sales Office.
Oct. 1 (Tue.), 2002 Small Bundle (Octavo) Folding Machine, FM-200, Small Bundle Wrapping/Banding Machine PB-100
July 1 (Mon.), 2002 Latest model among newspaper mailroom equipment
June 22 (Sat.) – 25(Tue.), 2002 Exhibited at NEXPO 2002 in Orlando, FL
Nov. 13 (Tue.) – 16 (Fri.), 2001 Exhibited at JANPS 2001 at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)
Oct. 16 (Tue.) – 20 (Sat.), 2001 Exhibitied at JGAS2001 (Japan Graphic Arts Show) at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)
Oct. 15 (Mon.) – 18 (Thu.), 2001 Exhibited at IFRA EXPO 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland

Aug. 31 (Fri.), 2001

Test printed the Shaftless, Double Width Tower Press, Color Top 8200CD at the Tamagawa Factory for delivery to Shikoku Newspaper's New Production Center (Newsflow Ltd.)
Aug. 29 (Wed.) – 30 (Thu.), 2001 Open house printing of Shaftless, Double Width Tower Press, Color Top 7000CD, at the TKS Haneda Factory for delivery to Shinano Mainichi Newspaper's Nagano Production Center
June 16 (Sat.) – 19 (Tue.), 2001 Exhibited at NEXPO 2001 in New Orleans, LA

Oct. 12 (Thu.), 2000

Opening of Japan Newspaper Museum (News Park) in Yokohama City
Oct. 9 (Mon.) – 12 (Thu.), 2000 Exhibited at IFRA EXPO 2000 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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