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Our Facilities/Quality Control

Kazusa Techno Center,which has our research and development section,manufacturing and assembly sites,is a part of Kazusa Academia Park.Kazusa Academia Park

Kazusa Academia Park, the new research base was established by Chiba prefecture for a new research project. It is built on the hill where surrounded by the rich nature.
There are research & development institution, mechine processing factory, and industrial assembly factory on this research base sized 105,000 square meters (approximately 32,000 tsubo) was built for the latest research and production to promptly respond to today’s needs in change.
There are technology department, new generation manufacturing department, and AI related operation department which three are the heart of the Research & development institution at the Kazusa Techno Center.

There is no windows attached due to keeping the temperature consistent in machine processing factory.
Frame line to produce press machine frames and parts manufacturing is structured by the gear roller line to stick to the details and high quality .

There are unit assembly area, distribution area, handling area, painting area and shipping area structed in accembly factory to act complete installation of the product. Assembly factory is designed to smoothly flow material handling of material input to processing, assembly, and shipping procedure.

The final adjustment is performed by high skilled experienced worker at the assembly factory. After this process, assembled products are inspected at high level using check sheets.

Kazusa Techno Center facotry has 4,550 solar battery modules on the roof which produces 245w per panel. The total output of the generated power as MEGA SOLAR is around 1,115kw.
These solar panels are fitted without any spaces between on the roof therefore insulation effect is also highly expected.
This Mega solar is planned to generate 1000,000 kwh per annum. This number is the same as annual energy consumption for 280 families per year thus there is 315 tons of CO2 reduction.