About Us

Our History

In 1874 (year 7 of Meiji), Japanese government established a state managed agricultural experiment station in Shinjuku, Tokyo while the fast capitalism by the breeding industry policy after the Meiji Revolution.

The predecessor of TKS called Tokyo Machinery Works, Ltd. produced various agricultural equipment at the agricultural equipment factory attached to this experiment station.

In 1888 (year 21 of Meiji), the company became a private sector. We have become a comprehensive machinery manufacturer which produces not only agricultural machinery but also industrial machinery such as cigarette making machines, spinning machines, boilers, steam pumps, and railway vehicles.

In the early era of Meiji, we began repairing imported web press machine and manufacturing the parts at the request of newspaper agents.

In 1906 (year 39 of Meiji), development of the first domestic press machine relied solely on passion completed while oversea made press machine was dominating the market,

The “spirit and passion of manufacturing” of TKS ancestors has been inherited to our hearts.

Today, the existence of Internet is becoming more and more familiar since it brings ‘people’ and ‘objects’ closer. Frankly speaking, smartphones as internet tool, has become a big impact on our daily bases.

Media, as an information tool also had to be diversified to meet the true value of needs that is expected to show more value added content in this era affected by the internet existence.

Moreover, newspapers as familiar information tool is expected to change its style.

TKS takes the responsibility and pride as a web press maker into the next generation in the press industry. In order to respond to the changes in needs, TKS is willing to continue producing and proposing new press machine and beyond its demands.

TKS continue to look forward to the future of newspapers.

Making next generation newspaper, with pride and responsibility.