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TKS Technology

TKS technology attached web press machines are introduced here.

Automatic Color Registration Control

Automatic Color Registration Control

The automatic color registration control device “TRC” automatically corrects the color registration of the relative position (top and bottom, left and right) by reading the tiny registration control mark printed outside the newspaper column.

Shell Cylinder Device

Shell cylinder devise is able to independently adjust the color matching of the newspaper’s relative position which includes bottom to left and right and left directions when running at high speed.
By ‘automatic color registration devise’, high register accuracy is kept.

Super Register Device
(TKS patented anti-fan out roller)

The super register devise fundamentally resolves the ‘fan-out phenomenon’ caused by horizontally stretching of printed paper.
The super register devise is structured with of the TKS patent called ‘anti-fan out roller’ in the each colors of the printing part. By controlling the fan-out of the printed part, an excellent color accuracy is achieved.

Shaftless Drive System

The ‘shaftless drive system’ attached high efficient sole motor called ‘eco drive motor’ does not require a linkage with shaft.
‘Super drive system’, the synchronous position control system reaches the high printing quality with energy saving and other production site needs by high-speed optical communication tool.