About Us

Message from the CEO


▲AOKI Hiroshi, Chairman▲TSUNAMI Kiyoshi, President

Founded in 1874, we developed the first fully-domestic press in Japan in 1906. Ever since, we have been the industry leading manufacturer over a century, always looking for innovation, developing latest technology and launching various press and related solutions.

Our products, including the COLOR TOP series, are proven by decades of experience and accomplishments achieved by unlimited passion and devotion to develop innovative technologies. With our world-class technology based on this profound heritage and very strict quality control system, we continue to develop exceptional solutions in accordance with the times.

Our philosophy is “By continually pursuing innovative technologies, we contribute to the world by developing safe, high-quality products and solutions matching the customers’ needs.” Following the core value, we make sure our design, manufacturing, service and everything we do is customer-oriented, and even further, we strive to go above and beyond customers expectation for ultimate satisfaction, resulting in contribution to the community.

Printing industry is no exception facing surging demand for developing power-saving and automation solutions utilizing latest AI technologies. We have been developing AI integrated press already and working on to boost automation technologies enhancing automatic control and optimization. Both newspaper and commercial printing industry have been chronically suffering for lack of workforce, and we are committed to fulfill social mission by providing drastic solutions to the problem and continue to progress as a comprehensive printing solution manufacturer.

President & CEO, Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd.